7 Reasons why you Should Consider Buying Instagram Likes

Grow your follower count and reach by getting more Instagram likes.

It is immaterial if you have few followers or an exceptionally large number of followers on Instagram when you decide to convert your hobby into revenue earning business. There are plenty of stories on how Instagram has been used to earn on those photos, blogs, products, or services they post on their Instagram accounts. 

Like any other social media creators, be it Facebook, YouTube, or anyone who has a massive audience revolving around them, Instagrammers also have a broad reach to their audience and access to influencers who can promote any content on this platform.

And in order to compete with the biggest brands and influencers on social media, you simply need more Instagram likes.

Earning from Instagram depends on the creator or influencer who helps to buy Instagram followers to achieve the revenue goal. While some may be happy with some amount of extra earnings apart from being popular, others are big and serious business.

It is important to have followers. At times quality counts rather than quantity. Having thousands of fake followers does not help at all as there is no engagement with your content.  On the other hand, relevant factors like which niche one is active, for example, fashion, lifestyle, food, and fitness, are a few popular hashtags on Instagram. The other factor is, which mode of revenue one takes recourse to.

So how do you monetize your Instagram account?

  1.   Depending on your content, number of followers, and your objective, you can tie up with brands for sponsored content on your Instagram channel. 
  2.   Tap the affiliate marketing route by selling other brand’s products on your Instagram channel and earn a commission out of it.
  3.   Sell a license for your photography or videos to other business owners.
  4.   Earning directly by offering products and services.

The good thing about Instagram is that it does not restrict you to only one type of revenue plan. One can have multiple activities simultaneously, tapping on the strength of different approaches. And no matter who your target audience is, you can always take advantage of IG hashtags to reach the right audiences

Let us look at the different ways of monetization.

  1. Tying up with brands to act as an influencer for your content.  Influencers on social media have their importance as they play a decisive role in influencing the audience and setting trends. Usually, they built their reputation over time with creative, smart things they do online. Influencers are generally involved in creating content, like a blog, video, or an Instagram story that they use as an ad or even content on other channels.  As an influencer, your earnings depend on how much you negotiate with others.
  2. Look out for brands on an influencer marketplace platform. Many brands have shop on those marketplaces and thus scouting for new partners. This is a good place for forging possible tie-ups and partnerships.
  3. Affiliate Marketing is another way of generating income. This approach is more direct than just influencing. It is making sales for just controlling a partner brand against the commission.

As a creator or influencer, there is a world of opportunity for making good money from the massive audience online who are not just on social media platforms for scrolling posts but also stopping to buy if they see something interesting.

How the new algorithm has changed Instagram marketing?

The change in the algorithm by Instagram affected content owners and influencers to a great extent. Earlier photos were displayed chronologically, but later, they were on top of the list depending on the followers and likes. 

Since the influencers and businesses use the Instagram platform for earning revenue, they had to use new strategies. Instagram is the most sought-after social media platform for influencer’s who make handsomely for sponsored posts put to the audience. Aspiring influencers see Instagram in a lucrative manner. They know that to be successful, one needs to have a large number of followers. A large number of followers are essential not just to influencers but also to businesses who see their brand value getting the social proof from this following. Since the new algorithm has made it harder to reach out, the only solution was to buy likes from service providers to fast-track the process.

Coming to the idea of purchasing likes for one’s Instagram account, the idea is to effectively market one product on the Instagram platform, which is arguably the most influential social media channel today.  The strategy of buying likes has now become an integral part of a sophisticated digital marketing campaign. What started as just a photo-sharing app has now become an important marketing tool for business today. 

While the consensus is that one should grow organically on any social media platform, it may not be wrong to use inorganic methods to kick start the process and acquire a large number of fans following. This is akin to the conventional advertising when companies launching new products, starts giving promotional offers or even freebies or limited inaugural offer to get visibility in the market and create a space for themselves. Once things stabilize, then the companies go back to the regular marking and branding exercise. The same objective applies when one buys Instagram likes. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Instagram Likes

Many are not convinced about this approach, but we will look at several reasons why there is nothing wrong with buying Instagram likes from Third-party Service providers.

Drives traffic to other social media accounts

One of the critical advantages of having a large following is that it can help to drive traffic to other social media accounts such as Facebook or the business website.  While other social media accounts will help reach out to even more audiences, a website helps generate business, especially if it is an eCommerce site. The benefits will only follow if one buys real and genuine likes from the experts who will guarantee that they link to the real users and are aware of what works or does not work on Instagram. 

Kickstarts your account 

Many small businesses or start-ups who do not have the required brand visibility need to kick start their marketing activity by ensuring that they get an immediate response from the audience.  Looking at some of the key statistics will tell why this inorganic thrust is required.

  • Daily active users are 500+ million as of 2020.
  • 500+ million Instagram stories are uploaded on the channel.
  • 25+ million business is on Instagram today
  • 200+ million Instagrammers visit one business profile at least daily.

With this massive audience, yet crowded, it is no wonder that a new business will get lost. The fact that there is an enormous potential market on this platform and growing every day means huge opportunity. The only thing required is some smart strategies to get noticed, and buying likes is one of them. 

Pushes Brand Development

Buying real likes and views from legitimate sources ensures that small business gets recognition. As the followers and likes grow, the online presence will become more prominent, and more people will be aware of the brand.  Reputation and influence will go hand in hand as more brand visibility increases. This improves the image of the company, and eventually, followers will get converted into more customers. Businesses get instant and eventually and do not have to wait for months and years to build followers. 

Generate revenue

While many other strategies have been discussed above on how to monetize one’s Instagram account, the issue is that it is painstakingly slow in reaching out to a larger audience in an organic manner. Any business’s ultimate objective is to grow on social media platform by developing one’s brand and earning revenue. This objective can be achieved only if a company or influencer have people following them and converting them into customers. To grow one’s sales, the idea is to reach out to potential targeted customers. Using experts to get likes means ensuring that your business is driven to those audience segments with similar interests.  

Multiply followers 

There is no maximum cap or limit on how many followers one can have on Instagram. This freedom allows one to buy as many likes and improve the network of followers. This will also have a chain effect as the posts’ likes will reach out to your followers’ new audience or followers. This is crucial for small and new business owners who are looking to improve the reach of potential customers.

The power of Instagram

The main stumbling block of any Instagram, be it business or influencers, is to get followers. Buying likes from reputed and professional service providers can assure one of getting genuine and real likes and help in getting the desired result. Instagram’s popularity can be the most competitive powerful tool for those looking for good revenues. Business prefers to focus on their core activity and spend less time on digital marketing.  Taking the services of a digital marketeer no doubt helps in internet marketing strategy. Still, a cheaper and effective option is to buy likes. 

Build cross-platform followers

Social media has many platforms, and Instagram is one of them.  It is easy to cross-sell one’s business on other popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or YouTube. A good marketing strategy will ensure that links to other platforms are used to one’s advantage for reaching out to more audiences.  The audience on other social media accounts can see the large following and likes and get influenced enough to enjoy and become followers themselves. 

Buying Instagram likes from authentic sources will have positive effects. On the other hand, buying fake likes or bots will immediately get recognized and create disproportionate likes to followers ratio and have typical comments, which are a dead giveaway.  Ultimately it is not just the number but also the engagement that Instagram considers when it comes to rankings. Instagram is known to feature photos on its aspirational explore page. This page is known to help accounts and make them go viral.

Key Instagram Engagement Statistics

According to these latest IG stats, engagement numbers are now more important than ever before.

  • Instagram accounts with less than 1,000 followers have an average 8% engagement rate.
  • Accounts between 1,000-10,000 followers tend to have a 4% engagement rate. 
  • Those accounts in the 10,000-100,000 range tend to have a 2.4% engagement rate.
  • Accounts with over 1 million followers have a 1.7% engagement rate.

The above figures can help one benchmark the “likes” parameters. One can see if buying likes can achieve the above engagement rates. They also help to identify which deals are real and which ones are fakes. On the opposite end, one has to be careful to ensure that over engagement is also detrimental. If the likes to Follower ratio is more than 8%, they are seen by many that they are purchased “likes”. If the comments are few compared to many likes, it is also exposed.   A legit professional service provider will take care of all these abnormalities and ensure a real like to follower’s ratio.  

Some sure shot gives away on fake likes are:

  • Check the followers’ profiles. If these profiles have no activity, then they are specifically created for those that buy Instagram likes. One should look at profiles with less than 15 posts, few followers, and no profile photos of themselves, or not updated for a long time. 
  • If there are very few likes compared to the total number of followers, this low engagement says it all. 


Instagram likes to allow one to connect with a massive audience given its size on social media. They also allow one to access probable customers on many other social media platforms. It has many benefits, including driving traffic to one’s website or blog and helping boost sales. 

For effective Instagram marketing, the best option would be a combination of both organic and inorganic followers.  This approach may depend on what objective the business or influencer has when buying followers and likes. Another critical factor is that service providers who provide the likes, also provide performance metrics of the purchases over time. One should ideally start with a small package providing a minimum number of likes.  Depending on how they have performed and helped the channel over time, it will make sense to purchase a higher number of Instagram likes, followers, and viewers.

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Written by Kristel Staci

Kristel Staci is an entrepreneur and freelance writer that focuses on everything related to social media, online marketing and finance. To see what Kristel is currently working on, you can visit her blog at

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