7 Steps to Smash Through Your Business Plateau

Are you feeling stuck in your business? Have you hit a plateau that you can’t seem to overcome? I’m going to lay out some of my best tips in this article to help you smash through your business plateau like Mike Tyson going in for the knockout punch.

1. It’s always about you, not the business

The first thing to understand about plateaus is that they are almost always about you,  not the business. Some people chalk it up as “it’s impossible to go to the next level” or “there just aren’t any more people willing to pay me money.” These are excuses. Excuses that your mind has devised to protect you and help you justify not working harder or smarter to smash through your business plateau.

2. Evaluate your body and improve your energy

Before you make changes in your business itself, you need to make changes in you. This is a very actionable step. Get out of your mind and get into your body. Jump up and down, right now. Smile. Laugh. Do a self-evaluation and see how you carry yourself. Instead of hunching over in defeat, stand up proud and feel your power!

Many of us go through life hunched over, with frowns on our faces, sad eyes and destroying our positive, forward moving energy.

Here’s a video from Tony Robbins that shows this step perfectly:

3. Power pose to uplift and believe in yourself

Now that you’ve improved your energy from the step above, you can begin empowering yourself. Power posing is a great way to do that. You can do this right before an important sales call, pitch, business meeting, or even before you start your work day.

Here’s an example of one of the classic power poses:

4. Create the Inevitability of Success Mindset

Do you say things such as, “I’ll try this new business strategy”, or “If this works”?

This is actually devasting to you and your business. This kind of mindset brings up a lot of self-doubt for many people. Subconsciously you are saying words such as “try” and “if” because you aren’t sure it’ll work. Instead of saying that you’ll “try” to do something, just say that you’ll do it. Do you believe in yourself? You should. You are capable of anything. Make sure your words reflect that.

Here is the full post, Creating the Inevitability of Success Mindset for you to review.

5. Become a master of optimization

This applies to both offline and online business. It’s easy to incorporate into online business with “A/B Testing Software” such as VWO.com. The use of headlines, colors, words, images and other elements on websites play a huge factor in whether or not people buy. If you aren’t constantly optimizing and A/B Testing, you are leaving a lot of cash on the table and you are most likely missing out on tons of sales/revenue.

I’ve personally witnessed businesses go from a 50% loss to a 400%+ ROI after they did some basic headline optimization for their ads and website.

Here’s a basic headline “split test” that increased opt-ins by 388%:

Hint: The second one was the winner.

6. Find new traffic sources

Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t beat a dead horse?” Why would you? It’s not coming back to life. Often times people are “trying” to convert people that are just wrong for their business. There’s no amount of persuasion or sales tricks you can use to convert someone that just has no interest in your business.

In this case, you need new traffic sources. These should be paid traffic sources, so you can scale it up and down at your convenience. That way you can control the dial and maximize your profits.

Here are a few examples of paid traffic sources that you can use for almost any business:

  • Social traffic – Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads
  • Pay Per Click traffic – Google Adwords, Chitika
  • Pop up traffic – 50 on Red, Traffic Vance, Clicksor
  • Display media buying – Sitescout, Clickbooth CPC, EngageBDR

7. Take massive action, implement everything

Now that you have a solid plan to smash past your plateau, you need to actually do it.

A lot of people fail in the implementation phase. People consume obscene amounts of information and then do absolutely nothing. Don’t fall victim to this phenomenon.

Finally, understand that any plan is better than no plan.

We could sit here and debate all day about the best steps to take to smash past your business plateau, but at the end of the day, if you have a plan and stick to it, you are going to be way further ahead than almost all of your competitors.

These strategies in this post really work and have helped me improve one of my businesses by 2,388% growth in under 3 years. It is possible to get past a plateau and you can do it too.


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