7 Top Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Offering business advice is an industry in and of itself, but Justin Woll has a unique angle on how entrepreneurs can succeed. Woll, the founder of “BeyondSixFigures: The E-Commerce Profit University with Justin Woll,” has enabled graduates to generate multiple millions of dollars worth of sales by walking them through his programs and offerings. But today, he shows how entrepreneurs can push beyond the clichés and their limits to develop businesses that add value to clients – and that adds meaning to entrepreneurs’ lives.  

1. Know when to say no, and consider why you do it. In this chaotic world, it’s very tempting to try to do it all and to develop a fear of saying no. Personal commitment to things other than my business has held me back quite a bit, one must learn what is needed and what is not in order to succeed. If you are spread thin and juggling a thousand obligations, your energy is not totally committed to your business. And if your energy is not committed, how are you going to succeed?

2. Manage and balance your time effectively. This is critical! Spend some time examining your own habits and determining what is leaching your time. Are you spending time in line with your values? Do you spend a proportional amount of time on the things you value? Water all your seeds, but like plants, some seeds need more water than ever. Plus, in this day and age, just managing your time effectively sets you apart from those who just dream about running a business.

3. Identify people who are successful and try to repeat their actions. Success might mean something different to everyone. But in any case, find someone who you think is successful, and try to become like them. If you can, try to access and speak to them, and get their insights and advice. This will help you define your goals.

4. Do something you are proud of. The amount of satisfaction and gratitude that comes with changing a life is something that can’t be duplicated or matched. Helping clients is a gift just for me. It’s essential to find that gift for yourself.

5. Spend time in nature daily. This one might seem like a paradox. Unplug and spend an hour or two outside every day. If you live in a concrete jungle, just take a couple long walks each day – with no digital interference! Many of my ideas and business ventures are the results of my mind taking a break from technology for a little while. Spending this time in the world and immersing myself in it reminds me why I started in the first place. It’s grounding. And it will be for you, too.

6. Don’t mistake networking opportunities for sales pitches. We’ve all gone to events or even parties where someone broke the ice by offering an amazing opportunity for a limited time only. Know social boundaries and unless it is specifically stated, assume anything can be a networking opportunity but that it is impolite to turn that into a sales pitch. Put value first and deliver it above and before anything else. This will increase your credibility – but constant sales pitches will cause it to crater.

7. Utilize the power of manifestation. Think it and believe it. It’s very hard for others to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself. If you see your ideal future in your mind’s eye, it will be much easier to achieve it. You’ll find it much easier to put the legwork in to achieve it. And the universe just might put it there for you.


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