8 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Real and Authentic)

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

Of course, every aspect of your Instagram growth is essential. If you’re not consolidating your followers, likes, and comments, then you are not making the most of your Instagram growth. The thing about Instagram these days is that the algorithm is constantly on the lookout for profiles that have a good engagement rate.

This means that it is so much more than just your follower count that counts. Now, you’ve got to make sure that your followers match up with how many likes and comments you have on your uploads.

Back in the day, it was really easy to get noticed by Instagram’s algorithm, because all you needed was a lot of followers on your Instagram profile.

These days, however, Instagram has incorporated every other aspect of your engagement into determining who they recommend to new users, which means that you’ve got to have a lot of comments on your uploads as well.

If you don’t have lots of people commenting on your posts, then Instagram isn’t going to take your profile very seriously, and you aren’t going to be considered an authority in your industry.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best sites to buy Instagram comments right now so that you can put your best foot forward with your Instagram growth.

  1. SidesMedia


One thing that we love about SidesMedia is that they cater to people on Instagram and YouTube as well. This is excellent if you are trying to grow both social media platforms at the same time, and you need engagement for every aspect of your channels.

Of course, they have engagement features that are specific to Instagram, so that you can focus just on this profile if you prefer. Once you have signed up for one of their packages, they say that delivery begins right away, and the best part is that your growth looks gradual and natural.

They have secure payment options, so that you never have to risk your sensitive information getting out there, and they have a money-back guarantee. The first thing you want to do when you visit their website is to choose your preferred package.

They even offer their clients templates, so that you can write down your preferred options for the comments you would like to receive. They never ask their clients for anything beyond their social media URL, which means that you can keep your password safe.

As well as getting onto sorting out your delivery straight away, they promise a quick delivery time. This means that depending on how much engagement your purchase, you can expect to have your comments delivered to you instantly.

If you have purchased a lot of comments, then you might need to give them a few days, but we believe this approach makes everything look a little bit more organic anyway.

  1. Media Mister

Media Mister - Instagram

Media Mister – if you haven’t heard of them, then the only reason could be is that you haven’t been in the Instagram growth industry for very long. This site where you can buy Instagram comments has been around for a long time now and they had managed to amass quite a following around their features.

One of the things that we love the most about this website is that you can purchase so much more than just your comments for your Instagram profile. They have been developing their features for a long time now and have divided them into different categories based on what you need.

This means that if you just want comments and think that your follower count and likes look really good for the time being, you can focus on this singular aspect of your Instagram growth. However, if you think you need to cover everything at once, they can help with this too.

We think that Media Mister’s point of difference is in their pricing. There are a lot of companies out there that sell their clients bulk packages, which often come with features that you will never end up using.

However, with a site like this, you only get what you pay for, which means that you get to decide how little or how much you spend on their engagement.

If you just need a few comments right now and don’t have it in the budget to go beyond this, they can accommodate. This is why we think this is a great site for any budget, as you won’t have to spend unnecessarily.

  1. UseViral


UseViral is everything you need for maximum growth potential. They say that they offer everything that you need if you are just getting started on Instagram and require an initial boost for every aspect of your engagement. They even have a trial feature, which means that you can get free comments delivered to your engagement.

One of the things that we really like about this site where you can purchase Instagram comments is that they have the choice of free or real engagement so that you can get help from automation if this is how you would like to grow your account.

They also make sure to cover the customer service aspect of things, so that you can get in touch with them directly should you need any assistance. They don’t require your password to be shared, and they have a refund policy so that you can get your money back if things aren’t going too well.

We believe that their delivery times are really good, and while their more sophisticated packages are on the expensive side, we think that they are still worth your time.

We think that one of the best things about this site where you can buy Instagram comments is their delivery times. This means that you can expect your comments to arrive within just a few days, and again if you experience any delays, or your order is incomplete, you can make the most of their refund policy.

As we mentioned, they have really good customer support, which is live, so that you can get in touch with him whenever you need to. We think that the risk of losing any of their comments is really low.

  1. MoreLikes


MoreLikes is a site where you can purchase Instagram comments that really cares about what their client’s profiles look like. There are plenty of companies in this industry that are simply there to sell their client’s engagement, and then be done with them.

However, with a company like this, you can expect good quality support and service even after you have bought your comments.

Every company in this industry that is worth any of your time is going to have a point of difference that makes him unique and gives them an edge over their competition. We believe that in the case of MoreLikes, it is their ability to detect when you have uploaded a new piece of content to your Instagram feed.

They say that it only takes 60 seconds for them to work out if you have uploaded a new post, and whether it is a video or an image, they will start the process of sending you your engagement straight away.

You don’t have to do anything further on your end except to look out for your engagement to be delivered. This is a great way to boost your post success in the beginning so that your existing audience can see how well it does and consider you an authority in the industry.

As well as offering their clients automatic detection, they promise that their engagement can boost your exposure, and the best part is that they don’t send the same number of comments every time.

They know that Instagram’s algorithm is looking for subtleties like this, and if they see that you are getting the same number of comments on every post, they aren’t going to believe that you are being authentic with your growth.

They can also delay your comments as well, if you want a more organic approach. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this.

  1. Kicksta


Kicksta is one of those sites where you can purchase Instagram comments from that really cares about their clients, and aren’t going to drop them after they have made the purchase. They promise that they provide their clients with real Instagram comments, and of course they can help you with likes and followers as well.

One of the first things that you will notice about this company is that they promise on their website to not mess around with fake followers, or spam either. They also don’t use automation either to grow your Instagram profile, which is something that the Instagram algorithm is always looking to stamp out.

Kicksta doesn’t just send you your Instagram comments and calls it a day. They focus on the speed of their growth so that you can speed this up or slow this down as you wish. They also have targets that they want to meet with each of their clients, as well as VIP email support, and live chat support on their homepage.

If you want to go for their premium package, you can also make the most of their advanced targeting, so that the comments you get on your posts are from people that are genuinely interested in your niche.

Lastly, they can also help you blacklist users that have nothing to do with your industry so that they don’t bring your content down.

  1. Instalikes

Instalikes Instagram Comments

We believe that with Instalikes, you can get real engagement with zero effort. When it comes to buying your Instagram comments, they claim to be the number fourth best seller for Instagram. One of the things that we like about this site is that it can help you not only with Instagram but with YouTube and TikTok as well.

They make it incredibly easy for you to implement their features for your profile, which means that all you need to do is go to their website and select the Instagram comment section. From here, you just need to paste your URL onto their form, choose your preferred package, pay for it, and then wait for delivery.

We think that they offer their clients a good level of customer support, and we love that their comments come from real Instagram profiles, which means that your page is going to look that much more authentic. They promise fast delivery, as well as a team of professionals behind their customer support.

If you are hoping to grow all of your social networks at the same time, then it’s nice to have companies like this that give you options. Just remember that in order to receive their comments, you will need to have your Instagram profile switched to public.

Another thing to take into consideration about this company is that you won’t be able to purchase another package until the one that you are currently using has finished delivering. We love that they have a refund policy, which lasts for 30 days after your purchase.

  1. DigiSMM

DigiSMM Instagram Comments

If you want to increase your social media reach in general with your Instagram comments, we suggest that you do it through DigiSMM. We love that the site we can buy Instagram comments from is pristine and sleek, so they are super easy to navigate, and not going to be confusing to use.

They say that they have proven service and quality, and they ultimately want to help their clients increase their reach when it comes to their Instagram content. Their name stands for ‘digital social media marketing’ and we think that they’re pretty good at what they do.

One of the reasons why we think this is because we believe that they offer specialized assistance. They only focus on Instagram, which means that you can get the engagement that you need to do really well, and it’s not going to be spread thin.

They have spent a lot of time on their existing reputation, which means that they have built it for success. They are completely safe to use, and they promise that their Instagram engagement is going to result in real interactions around your content.

Having a company to put your faith in that is extremely professional and offers reasonable prices is always nice. We really appreciate that they don’t require new clients to sign up for anything, which means that you can cancel anytime.

It is evident to us at this point that they have put a lot of time and effort into their features, and as a result they’ve got a long list of loyal clients who will work with them again in the future.

  1. Plusmein

Plusmein Instagram Comments

Last but certainly not least on our list of sites where you can purchase Instagram comments from is Plusmein. This company is unique because they offer their clients the option to purchase free Instagram engagement for their profile, where you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the engagement itself.

They say that they offer their clients 15 free Instagram followers every 12 hours, and as we mentioned above about the engagement rate, the more followers you get, the more comments you will need to purchase.

We think that their Instagram comments are more than reasonably priced, and the best part is that they are fast and reliable as well. They have a number of different packages to choose from and they are considered trustworthy and safe among existing clients.

Just like some of the other companies on this list, they only work with Instagram, so their features are really specialized. This company is only a couple of years old, but they have wasted no time proving themselves to the social media marketing community, and as a result, they are a solid contender for your Instagram comments.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Comments


  • Having comments on your Instagram content is going to increase the relevance and success of your image. High-quality comments are going to go a long way when it comes to your profile’s visibility.
  • The more interactions you have on your content, the more appealing they are going to be to potential followers, which is going to help them decide whether to stay and interact with your account or not.


  • Low-quality comments are going to simply sit on your content and look spammy. They won’t contribute to your engagement rate at all.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it; what we think are the best sites in the industry where you can buy Instagram comments from right now. There are many different options to choose from, but with every one company we have on this list, there are 10 out there that you need to avoid completely.

The industry is largely unregulated, which means that there are plenty of companies out there that are taking advantage of their clients with their pricing, the quality of their features, and the security of their website.

Stick to companies like the ones here, and feel confident that you are in safe hands, and your Instagram profile has a really good chance of being successful in the future. Good luck!

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