8 Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays, Followers, and Likes

Creating music is an overwhelming process, as all musicians surely know. From the moment of inspiration, over a long and laborious process of attempting, playing, and editing, to finally adding the finishing touches and launching it online–it is not easy, and it definitely isn’t quick.

So, if you devote your time to your music, how do you manage to handle social media along with all the related activity of growing and engaging the audience? Soundcloud represents a powerful platform for music, but most of the time you need a small boost in order to quicken the process of establishing your presence.

Otherwise, you might just be left hanging out, or spend hundreds if not thousands of hours manually liking, playing other music, or following people in order to gather enough audience to be able to place your music out there.

Our question to you is–why? Why would you have to spend a portion of your life in preparation when you can share your music to the relevant audience pretty fast? Why would you have to sacrifice time from doing music just to create an audience that you can have nearly instantly?

The answer to this question is that you really don’t have to. By employing the assistance of the following sites and services to buy SoundCloud plays and followers, you can grow your Soundcloud in a fraction of time that would take otherwise.

Of course, some providers on the market abuse the system to deliver deadweight followers and/or jeopardize your account, but if you go by our list you won’t be making that mistake. We’ve told you why you should use a growth booster service for Soundcloud.

Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays, Followers & Likes

Now, without further ado, here is the list of best sites to buy Soundcloud plays, followers, and likes from.

UseViral – Best Place to Buy SoundCloud Plays & Followers

UseViral Soundcloud
UseViral Is the #1 Site to Buy SoundCloud Plays & Followers

Chances are that if you google “the best site to buy Soundcloud plays” you will find UseViral recommended several times on the first page. They are that good! A firmly established industry that specializes in social media growth, UseViral has branched out into several big social media names and has come to dominate the field wherever it ventures. 

The main perks of this mountain of experience gathered in different platforms are that these people know how social media works, they’ve established quite a network of users and clients, and all their expertise stands in the service of your Soundcloud growth. 

Not to mention that you can with them you can “outgrow” Soundcloud and branch into other social media, just like they did!

UseViral crew has mastered both the people of Soundcloud and its algorithms. This mastery allows them to find those followers and interactions that can be used to organically grow your Soundcloud presence. This way, a single bundle of service that is limited in number can be used to unlock unlimited growth.

With UseViral you can get Soundcloud plays and Soundcloud followers at pretty affordable prices, in our humble opinion. For example, 1,000 plays require $3 while 50,000 plays cost $59. Conversely, 100 followers cost $2.50 while 15,000 followers come for the price of $99. 

UseViral also boasts fast delivery (in 1-2 days), safety, and reliability. They are the current industry standard, so, naturally, no mistakes with them.



If you’re amazed by the number of social media that UseViral has reached out to, wait to hear of this. SidesMedia outruns its competition to deliver what they could never. Check this out–SidesMedia covers more than 20 social media platforms. Jaw-dropping!

The sheer amount of proficiency required to handle all of these smoothly guarantees the quality of their service. But how does this reflect on their Soundcloud service?

Even here they beat their competition in the number of features that they offer. For Soundcloud, SidesMedia offers Soundcloud Plays, Downloads, Followers, Likes, Comments, and Reposts. Whoa!

The customizability of their offer is what allows you to hit with what you need most. In addition to this, you can also differentiate between the geographical location of their services. The lengths that they are ready to go to cater to their customers deserve all the kudos we can provide.

Besides, don’t take us for our word–go check out the amazing reviews they have received over the years of their work. Satisfied customers have always been the best brand advocates, and SidesMedia people know this for a fact.

After all, the success of the stories you read on their site can be your success–if you opt for SidesMedia, of course. 


Followersup - Soundcloud

Speaking of customizability, here’s another candidate for the most customizable offer for the Soundcloud growth package! Followersup knows that the customer is always right, so they tend to adapt their offers to the needs of the customer, rather than the opposite. 

After all, Followersup does not offer you multiple packages, but one scale that you can manually adjust to fit your needs. Actually, there are four scales, not just one: a scale for Soundcloud Followers, Plays, Likes, and Reposts. 

The purpose of such a wide assortment of features is to enable targeting specifically what your Soundcloud currently lacks in, and boosting it in order to foster further organic growth. Speaking of growth, such targeted boosts add up to the algorithm equations in order to make them seem more natural. They’ll never know what hit them!

Yes, they really care how you grow your Soundcloud presence. After all, they wouldn’t really offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their services if that wasn’t the case, right? There’s no better deal when it comes to insurance out there, and yes, we have checked most of them. 

If this seems like something you’re looking for yourself, go check out their site right now.


TweetAngels Soundcloud

Looking for a place where you can go to instantly improve your Soundcloud ratings by the means of natural growth services and boosting packages? Then TweetAngels know a safe h(e)aven meant specifically for those like you.

The crew behind TweetAngels cares about your time so they make sure the delivery is fast, and service reliable. If no setup, no installation, no additional software sounds perfect in relation to growing Soundcloud fast, then their service is something you should think about employing.

When it comes to the services themselves, TweetAngels offer followers and plays. Hop on their websites to see the pricing in detail, but what interests us more than that is the fact that they promise real followers, and that they include gratis likes for each play that you order.

And if you plan to re-sell these later on, there’s no need to be shady. TweetAngels actively support that chain of supply, and even have affiliate offers if that is what you want to specialize your Soundcloud account in. 

Their services are safe and confidential, 100%. Custom-built software, open-hand negotiations, and service guarantees. What more can an eager Soundcloud user wish for?


SubPals Soundcloud

SubPals can be your SoundcloudPals. Or just regular pals. They sure do seem friendly!

SubPals have nobly begun their social media growth career by launching a basically free YouTube growth service. Meanwhile, as they grew they have added a bunch of “premium” features, among them offers to buy SoundCloud plays, followers and various additional Soundcloud services.

The SubPals group shows empathy to your Soundcloud social media cause. In order to help you grow, they design their services as such that they encourage other Soundcloud users to listen to your music, follow your content, and engage in all ways provided by the platform.

The ordered followers will show up in 1-3 days and start doing their thing. And there’s no obligation to follow these users back.

If you get stuck somewhere at any point, or you notice a malfunction in delivery, a 24/7 customer service support will be there to patch things up and smooth things over immediately. Oh, and how about a 1-year guarantee on the stable number of followers? Subpals’ user reviews are hot!

The cherry on the top is that they always deliver more than you ordered. Consider that a gift to help you grow. How kind!


Viralyft SoundCloud

Viralyft service is as viral as it gets on Soundcloud! Not only do they deliver, but the speed of delivery and the confidence in their product simply makes them infectious–the more users they serve, the more come to ask for a piece of Viralyft for themselves. There is no cure! 🙂

And do not doubt that their service is superb. They offer only Soundcloud Plays and Soundcloud Likes, but what they lack in choice, they make up in quality of content and service. 

Did we say that Viralyft is fast? Well, it should be repeated over and over again as it can’t be more emphasized. Forget about nerve-wrecking yourself over late deliveries and dubious promises–the Viralyft gang hasn’t had unsatisfied customers, ever. 

In addition to this, they make their prices affordable. What this means is that they understand that Soundcloud users aim for return on their investment, and most likely do not have that much money to spare on something that is not their music per se.

And don’t think that they are cheap–they will never cut corners because they don’t go super expensive on their clients. Simply put, their superb cost-efficiency ratio serves to establish a warm relationship between them and their customers.

In short, a loving, respectful, and efficient Soundcloud infection. We wouldn’t mind a contract with Viralyft ourselves!


OnlineMusicPromotion Soundcloud

OnlineMusicPromotion have dedicated their work to professional promotion of their clients on music platforms of the likes of Soundcloud. Their mission is top-notch service and level of reliability. They want their customers to know that they are the best at what they do.

Another boon is that they all come from the world of music. They love music, they love the emotion it holds, and they will do everything that’s in their power to help their fellow music enthusiasts.

So yes, you can expect from them around-the-clock support from a caring team, as well as a full refund-guarantee if there ever occurs a failure in delivery. But with this good of a service, the chances for this to happen are rather slim.

The prices are friendly too. For example, you can get 100 Soundcloud likes for just 1.99$. 100 Soundcloud followers? $3.99! And for $0.99 you can have 500 Soundcloud plays.

The people you’ll get introduced to are very real. You can rest assured that the gang that’ll start growing around your Soundcloud isn’t inflated with false numbers, but made of potential fans that are eager to love your content.

This here really is the online music promotion that you are looking for. Congrats to them and their service!


StreamDigic SoundCloud

StreamDigic has a special knack for Soundcloud as they make home of this music universe that we call music social media platform–and it shows. Their software skills are amazing, and automated management of the growth that they provide sure does look like a stream once it comes rolling in. However, as they say, it is not magic, but the result of hard work and firm resolution on their side.

Their targeting skills shine as they notice how Soundcloud music tends to have features of location, ethnicity, culture, cause, fanbase…

However, by being globally available, it is subject to advanced targeting categories  that can deliver relevant content to the specific and/or niche audience across the world! And in order to feel music, they incorporate fellow music experts and digital artists into their ranks to help them improve their workflow.

Because of the size of the network of experts that covers the globe, they employ professionals from all time zones, around the clock, even on weekends!

Premium content that they provide includes:

  • Soundcloud Plays starting at $2.50 for 500 plays
  • Soundcloud Likes starting at $2.90 for 100 likes
  • Soundcloud Followers starting at $4.90 for 100 followers
  • Soundcloud Comments starting at $3.90 for 10 comments

To Conclude

If you’re a musician or you just love music, you know music is a passion. Once it grips you, it is hard to focus on anything else.

However, digital marketing reality of the current age dictates that you have to dilute your passion with periods of hard, cold social media management in order to clear a space for your music to be heard.

Well, not anymore. Now when you’ve found out how to make businesses clear that space for you, you can freely and completely give yourself to what you do best. And that is music.

Growing your Soundcloud presence does not need to be such a hassle. Those who think so need to visit some of these sites to purchase SoundCloud plays and followers that we’ve mentioned. We’re sure that they will quickly change their tune. 

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