8 Health Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Being the boss means making sure you can perform optimally no matter what situation is thrown at you.  This means you must take care of your own health and wellness. Finding the time to take care of yourself is where we all struggle, but it’s even harder when you’re an entrepreneur and always in demand and on the clock.

You know that dedication is essential in order to reap the rewards of your career, and it’s the same for both your health and wealth.  Even with a busy schedule, there are a few simple things you can do in order to stay healthy and achieve results while moving at a fast pace.

Here are my top 8 health hacks that will benefit your health and ultimately, your wealth:

  1. Eat breakfast – NEVER skip breakfast. This is what sets the pace for the rest of the day.  It boosts your energy, keeps your focus and will reduce moodiness.  Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier to prepare a quick shake before you head out for the day, need some suggestions?  Check out my eatFIT recipe book.
  2. Sleep – Sleep is vital, and every successful entrepreneur knows that in order to perform well, you need adequate sleep. Pulling an all-nighter to get work done when you have to attend an early board meeting is going to throw you off not just for the next day, but for a few days as your body re-finds its rhythm. Consistency and routine is key to getting the proper amount of shut-eye. Putting yourself into a state of REM (rapid eye movement) is essential.  A few recommendations to get the right amount of sleep are; limit caffeine past 2pm, take an hour of downtime before bed, and shut off all electronics before you tuck in. Start incorporating some new morning rituals.
  3. Limit Alcohol – As tempting as it can be to dive into a drink to help melt the day away, alcohol consumption can have a negative effect if it’s not consumed in moderation. Alcohol is one of the most detrimental ways to add extra calories to your day and will result in weight gain, reduce productivity, and decrease your energy.  While there is nothing wrong with having the odd drink or two, it is important to choose when to consume it, and how much to consume, wisely.  Wanting to stay on track? Order a soda water and lime, no one will ever notice the difference with what is in your hand and your body will thank you in the morning.
  4. Unplug daily – Whether it be walking the dog, reading or doing yoga. Find a way to unplug from your current workload and do something completely unrelated to work. Pick a way to unwind that will always force you away from all of your emails, social media, and electronic devices.  Learn how to find balance and ground yourself through some of these habits successful people live by.
  5. Take your vitamins – With the constant work schedule, late nights, and high-stress situations that most entrepreneurs and business owners’ face, making sure you keep an adequate intake of vitamins daily is essential. My top 3 suggestions for optimal brain function are omega 3, magnesium and Vitamin D.
  6. Keep healthy snacks at hand – Eating every few hours will keep your energy levels up and make sure you stay focused. Waiting too long between meals or snacks can end in overeating later in the night or indulging in non-healthy options. Like a chocolate bar out of the closest vending machine.  Some great grab and go snack options are packs of nuts, yogurt, or a protein bar.
  7. Stay hydrated – In order to function properly, you need to stay hydrated. Most of us get too caught up in what we are doing and forget to drink. Even intentionally consuming less water to finish more work without a bathroom break. By the end of the day we are tired, lethargic, and hungry, all signs of being dehydrated.  Make sure your office has a water cooler that is accessible and keep a canteen at your desk.  If you are a person constantly forgetting to drink, set an alarm on your phone or download an app to notify you to stay hydrated.
  8. Make family dinners a priority – Everyone needs a healthy work-life balance, and one way you can have this balance is by intentionally carving out time in your day to spend with a loved one or family. If you are single, spend time with your friends. Choosing to be present at dinner each evening is a great time to decompress from the work mindset and concentrate on what is important, which is family.

These are just some of the health hacks that have consistently worked well for myself and for my entrepreneurial friends and clients.

What do you do daily in order to keep on top of your game?

Let me know in the comments below.

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