9 Books to Get for Your Entrepreneur Friend

1. Be Obsessed or Be Average

If you haven’t read this book by Grant Cardone yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  I’d read his 10x book and felt that it was excellent. The title drew my attention to buy the book, and I promise you won’t be dissipointed with it. I liked the book so much I bought an audio version so I can listen to it wherever I go.

Grant tells the signs of the contrast between the lower and middle class as compared to the upper class. There’s distinct signs given. Do you realize that we grow up in a world of lower and middle class? Why take advice from someone you wouldn’t want to change positions?

I became obsessed with achieving more. People used to tell me how hard I work, saying I must have stress or I’m going to burnout. This wasn’t true. People don’t know you. They don’t understand that if you love what you do, with a purpose and passion, why take the weekend for pleasure?

Grant states his own journey and how he’s become successful. He didn’t get there by taking it easy. A perfect book for the New Year.

2. Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

Tim Grover wrote the book. This is one that stuck in mind. It’s comparable to that of the Grant Cardone book. Grover was the fitness and mental coach for basketball players such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade. He goes inside the head of those players and what makes them different from the average player.

If you’re wondering why Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player, it wasn’t by luck. Not only do you have to be smarter than everyone, you have to outwork everyone. Grover shows you the different stages of your life and career. How to get through a plateau if you’re stuck somewhere.

He doesn’t leave much out of the book. You might not prefer to hear it, but you have to respect it.

3. Steve Jobs’ Biography

This is the book by Walter Isaacson that changed my world when I read it last year. I couldn’t get enough of it. Jobs’ life is fascinating. You learn the facets of who he was as a person. While he wasn’t the nicest person, he pushed people to their limits. He demanded from himself what he demanded from his employees.

He taught what it means to change the world. You obsess over every asset of your product. Jobs put products out that’d change the world.

This is one of my favorite books, a must read for an entrepreneur.

4. Outwitting The Devil

The famed Napoleon Hill wrote this book. While most of us have read, Think and Grow Rich, this  book is less well-known. The book was so controversial that it took seventy-five years to get into publication. You’ll understand why when you read it. Hill studied the greats of the time, Vanderbilt, Morgan, Carnegie, and Rockefeller. Yet, he wasn’t satisfied with his own life. This is when he moved away from where he lived.

Upon this journey, he started with nothing. Hill used what he garnered in, Think and Grow Rich, and put the exercises to use in his own life. He has conversations with the devil; the devil telling what he knows of society. What he says is still true. Hill reinforces how you can combat the devil in your life.

This is a thrilling read. Even though Hill wrote the book over seventy-five years ago. It still pertains to the current day.

5. The Miracle Morning

The miracle morning is a book that will change your life. I remember hitting a plateau in my life and knowing I wanted more. This is what the book gave me. I’m so excited for the morning, I get up at 4am. The rituals you do every morning are simple once you create the habit. After my morning ritual, I’m energized and ready to conquer the day. No matter what might get in my way, I can handle it.

Millions of people slog through the day. Take time for yourself. In weeks, your life will change. I heard people say their life changed. I didn’t trust it in the beginning. If you start your day with what Hal Elrod teaches, you will be more productive than you ever thought possible.

I’ve made tremendous strides in my life after reading this book.

6. Total Recall

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography. If I didn’t read the Steve Jobs biography before this one, it’d be higher on the list. Schwarzenegger tells his story as an immigrant coming to the United States. No matter what he did, he strived to be the best. That might be bodybuilding, acting, or the Governance. We complain that we don’t have enough time. That we can never be the master of one craft. Schwarzenegger throws those paradigms to the side.

He never made excuses why he couldn’t achieve a goal. Schwarzenegger achieved the goal, no matter how audacious it might have been. He always had fun while he was doing it. His work ethic coupled with his personality made him into the person he is today. He saw everything as an opportunity. He listened to himself for advice and believed he could achieve what he set his mind too.

Another long read, but worth it.

7. Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Tony Robbins wrote the book. It was the first book I read by him. If you take the advice from the book and carry it out into your own life, you will make money. Robbins interviews fifty of the most intelligent investors that make up our society today. Information that’d cost you thousands, you can get in a book. You can learn from Ray Dalio, his exact investing strategy. You can learn from Kyle Bass who predicted the housing market crash of 2008. Take what they say and use it.

Through the book, you learn why you shouldn’t buy mutual funds and why you should hire a fiduciary. We always set how much we need to retire, but what’s the real number? Robbins will take you step by step.

This book should be part of the curriculum of schools across the country.

8. Rock Bottom to Rock Star: Lessons learned from the business school of hard knocks

Ryan Blair wrote the book. He was a former gang member. Blair turned his life around with the help of a mentor, his step-father and created one of the top network marketing companies. Blair’s story and life is fascinating. He describes what he went through in the boardrooms, making you as perceive though you were there.

You see his family life. One that had been up and down since he wrote his first book, Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Because of the book, you will understand why he was successful. He was working non-stop for months on end without taking a break. Even when Blair was making good money, $350 a day, he was still living way below his means. He was eating Ramon noodles and investing the rest of the money he had left.

I don’t want to tell you everything, you must read for yourself.

9. Stephen King on writing: A memoir of the craft

To be honest, this book is the first Stephen King book I’ve read. I’ve never read his novels. Maybe one day. To become a better writer, learn from the best.

King depicts his life and it became a struggle. He threw out his first book, Carrie, before his wife got the book out of the trash. If it wasn’t for her, he might not have become what he is today.

If you want to improve at writing, read the book. King goes into how sets a time to write and the methods he goes through once he’s done with the first manuscript. His life was not perfect. Between a drinking and drug problem, he wrote his books. The stories King tells are too hard to believe.

If you’re an aspiring writer, entrepreneur, or someone who loves to write, this book is for you. These are the top nine books I’d recommend to an entrepreneur. You’ll be content if you read just one book.

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