9 Effective Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

Instagram likes are one of the social metrics that show how a post is performing. It costs users a little effort. All they need to do is double-tap on the post that they want to engage with. When you get likes on Instagram, it is an indication that your content is reaching out to your audience, who, in turn, react with likes.

Instagram is currently testing the removal of public counts from posts. Still, this metric is here to serve as an internal measurement for brands and influencers. Below are some tips that can help you increase the number of likes per each of your posts.

Get Inspiration from Other Brands and Influencers

For you to get inspiration and fresh ideas, it is essential to follow not only your business and circle of friends but also other inspirational industries that are outside your circle. There is a very high chance that you might find strategies in their posts that you can implement for your benefit.

You can also follow some of the most popular influencers. Some brands use them to promote their brands to reach a broader market. A visit to LeoBoost will provide you with tips on how to reach out to influencers.

Engaging Users with Like-Based Contests

Social media users love involving themselves in contests. Some of the most prominent brands and influencers use contests that mainly involve sales and giveaways to engage their followers and attract other users.

For like-based contests to be useful to your brand, you need to make the following requirements:

  • Liking the post
  • Following the account
  • Tagging a friend or two.

The lowest barrier is liking the post, which ensures you receive a lot of engagement from users.

Tag the Location of Your Post

When you tag your location, your posts turn up when people are looking at that specific location on the same platform. It is a process that requires just a few clicks and works best for retail and travel brands.

Some Instagram users go to the platform to find solutions, such as where to eat. When you post a photo of your business and tag the location, it becomes easier to attract more customers. For example, a diner can grow by posting useful content with a high chance of attracting customers, such as photos of some of the best meals they offer.

Tag the Right Accounts

To get your brand’s name out there, sometimes you have to work with influencers or other businesses. When you post photos or content revolve around the people you are working with, it is important to tag them and give credit where it is due.

Tagging them takes little time, and it can then lead to brands liking your posts and leaving positive comments. A good example is models who work with various people to look stunning. They require stylists, designers, and many more.

Ask to Tag a Friend in Your Posts

Have you ever found a post on Instagram that you instantly wanted to let your friend know about it? Instagram provides you with several options for passing this information: you can copy the link and send it to them via DM or text or tag them in the comment section.

If your brand blends well with funny and entertaining posts, you can ask users to tag their friends and widen your audience.

Ensure Your Captions are as Good as Your Photos

Attractive photos are the first thing that catches many users’ eyes. When you accompany them with captivating captions, your audience tends to spend more time on your posts and look forward to your regular updates.

Writing compelling captions is an essential skill that can be developed over time with much practice. Make creating captions your priority and see the change it has on your numbers.

Choose a Trend or a Meme Style

Memes have become trendy, and you can see some of the most prominent brands using them on Instagram. They need to be used strategically to target the right audience. They need to be fans of the internet who recognize a meme the moment they see it.

Some brands are more professional, and any type of humor may be more disastrous than beneficial. There are currently many meme accounts on IG that are dedicated to specific topics.

Use the Right Hashtags in Your Posts

On Instagram, hashtags have more impact on your posts than on any other social media platform. If you learn to use all viral hashtags, you open your posts to a potential new audience. The following are a few hashtag strategies you can use:

  • Use around nine hashtags in your posts to initiate the most engagement
  • Create your own branded hashtag
  • Do not concentrate on a single topic and neither become too broad

Users can tell whether you are desperate or strategic and worth following you from your hashtags.

Post Frequently When Your Followers are Active

If you want to get your content in front of your followers’ eyes, you need to know when they are more active on the app. Instagram has no chronological order for posts, but your numbers and analytics can guide you. 

If your Instagram profile is a business profile, you will get access to useful analytics and tools to see when most of your followers are active. On the other hand, if you are a regular user looking to build their personal profile, then aim to post between 9pm to 3am as most people are online during these hours, according to Instagram statistics. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram likes can grow your brand significantly and help your business reach out to a broader market. It is essential to consider how you are trying to grow your profile and whether you are trying to build a brand or a personal profile. You can find more useful tips and tricks on LeoBoost.com to increase your likes and engagement on Instagram.

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