9 Ways To Boost Engagement With Event Technology

In the world of corporate events, technology is being used to increase attendee engagement and make events more interactive, fun, and engaging. But here is the interesting thing — you don’t have to be a genius to use technology at your events, and your guests don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy their benefits either. 

Don’t underestimate how tech can enrich the event experience because if a guest is enjoying your event, or experiencing something that’s new, unique, or positive; then they’ll tell their friends. As a result, people will leave your events feeling inspired by your brand. That said, here are 9 ways you can use to incorporate event technology into your marketing arsenal

1. Facial recognition 

In recent years, event facial recognition is being adopted at a rapid rate because it helps to speed up the check-in process, plus it’s also being used to gamify events. How does it work?

  • Attendees upload a photo of themselves during the online registration. 
  • When they arrive at your event, guests scan their faces.
  • Then, the automated actions begin, such as printing a personalized badge, sending a lunch voucher via email, and creating goodie bags for their ticket tier.  

As a result, facial recognition speeds up the check-in process, improves security, and enhances the user experience. It also allows for the automation of certain entry points, meaning that in the near future, venues will be able to run events with less staff due to facial recognition automation.

2. Project mapping

Project mapping uses augmented reality technology to bring life to events by adding things like sounds, videos, 3D graphics, and animation to make attendees feel like they’re in a whole new world. And because this tech is still relatively new, this creates excitement and engagement for attendees.  

Image credit Borderless, via Creative Bloq

This tech is able to turn run-of-the-mill spaces into outrageous, vibrant, and interactive 3D displays. Think interactive maps, infographics, art displays, or live social media content. It’s not that expensive either. 

3. Branded multi-use event apps

For better or for worse, it feels like there’s an app for everything these days. There are many to choose from, such as Whova that provides online registration, event management software, and event marketing. Not only do apps help in enriching the attendee experience; but they also provide businesses with valuable data

4. Event diagramming in 3D

Sure, seeing something you’ve created in 3D is a cool way to impress partners and prospective guests. But it’s also an innovative way to take control of your layout design and plan and coordinate your event space set-up.

Event diagramming has become easier to use over the past few years. Some of us might remember (our kids) playing Sims on the computer. Creating virtual houses does not require you to have architectural knowledge, and that’s the case here, too. All that is left, is to find a building or venue for which you want to start diagramming.

Finding a physical venue for your event can be challenging if you do not know where to start. You can use platforms like Spacehuntr that’ll help you find event and meeting venues across the globe. Spacehuntr, is kind of like an ‘Airbnb’ for events and helps businesses organize:

  • Venues for work events.
  • After-work activities (drinking, games, etc).
  • Local accommodation.

A colorful Meeting Space in London via Spacehuntr

5. Second screen

Attendees are likely to be using their smartphones or tablets throughout the day’s presentations and meetings. This could potentially mean losing engagement during your event. 

Or, if you play your cards right it could mean they’re more engaged than ever before. A second screen app allows attendees to follow presentations in real-time with slides, polls, note-taking facilities, and a whole host of other tools like quizzes, graphs, and videos. 

6. Social media 

Social media can be a great place to express opinions. Your event can and will be featured. We know people say mean things on the internet, but don’t be scared. Use it to your advantage. 

Tracking your event with a well-curated hashtag and ‘@’ mentions will enable you to make crucial adjustments in real-time that could improve someone’s event experience so much better. Addressing concerns like poor WiFi, replenishing food and drinks, and easing bottlenecks are all things you can pick up on and fix through your social media outreach.

7. Indoor wayfinding

An indoor wayfinding scenario will impress guests and give them peace of mind. They’re also not as complicated to set up as you might imagine. Using stationary Bluetooth beacons that send signals to mobile apps, you can create an effective IPS (indoor position system) surprisingly easily. 

Why go to the trouble, though? Well, firstly, you don’t want your guests to get lost. And secondly, it will make your attendee’s experience smoother and more memorable. On your end, you can use the data yielded to see which parts of your event were the most popular. Every day is a school day, after all.

8. Gamification

When we talk about gamification, we’re not talking about your Grandma’s bingo. Gamification can come in many shapes and forms, such as photo contests or digital scavenger hunts. 

For example, you could try hiding QR code clues around your event venue. The winner could receive a ticket to attend a lecture of a special keynote speaker. If you’re still not convinced, gamification can increase attendee engagement by 44%. So don’t let it slide by you. 

9. Data collection and AI 

Through AI, data collection can be used to offer attendees personalized experiences and recommendations. Here’s an example: A guest walks up to a bar at your event and automatically receives their preferred drink without even needing to place their order. 

Post-event survey data is also incredibly valuable and can be used to analyze things like: 

  • The social media data of your guests.
  • Identify what made attendees tick.
  • Yield geolocation data.
  • Include findings that can be used when you plan your next event. 

Summing up

Nobody could have predicted the extraordinary tech we have now, just as we can’t predict how they’ll enrich the events of tomorrow. So, pick and choose, as an excellent tech buffet. The beauty is that it can serve as many purposes as you like. 

Don’t mistake this for an elaborate trend. Event technology is here to stay, so jump on the bandwagon. Corporate event planning is becoming easier with each day, technology will play a big part in it all.

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