Dilan Abeya Brings Hope To His Fans In The Middle Of A Pandemic

With 2020 coming to an end, everyone worldwide can agree it has been a different year for most. With the loss of jobs and struggling economies, there has since been a hunger for something substantial to give hope to a struggling nation. Now due to everyone being on the internet all the time, this beam of hope has come from influencers around the world who are now attempting to heal the people of our world.

One influencer that deserves recognition is that of Dilan Abeya. He is a well known and up and coming fitness model from the UK who has created a brand around inspiring others. He is currently posting content on Instagram to his audience of over one hundred thousand followers in hopes to keep their spirits up during the unsettling times. The content that is posted usually involves Abeya’s progress on his fitness journey. Using himself as an example, he then gives free advice on how other people also could transform their lives just by changing habits.

Although everything looks great now from the outside perspective, fans should know that things weren’t always this way. In order for Dilan Abeya to have gotten to the place he is in his career, he first had to endure severe hardship with relationships and other social battles. In many ways, you could say that if this hardship wasn’t endured, there could possibly be no Dilan Abeya.

While most don’t like to share their experiences due to possible embarrassment, Dilan Abeya has been keen on doing so in order to inspire others. He understands that in revealing his weaknesses, he then is able to connect with his audience even further. This down to earth, humanesque, approach is what has made the UK fitness model so appealing to follow and keep up with.

To see an example of this rhetoric Abeya preaches, one could look back on his Instagram feed. In many ways his feed tells his story with posts ranging back all the way to August of 2018. At this point, it appears Abeya began the journey of self-improvement that he has been on ever since. Fast-forwarding to now, you can see the progress he has made on his mental health but more obvious, his physique.

Dilan Abeya Brings Hope To His Fans In The Middle Of A Pandemi

Even though Instagram is thought of as a place only for the sharing of photos, Dilan Abeya has innovated and found a way to share even more. This year in 2020, Abeya has attached a long meaningful caption to every one of his posts that is meant to inspire or motivate. At the time of this article, his most recent post is about an addiction he has overcome from chocolate. Since being off the product, the fitness model has lost over 20 kilograms of excess weight. Starting with this motivational piece, Dilan then shifts the tone to a more scientific approach stating the facts how chocolate should be used. He explains that chocolate actually has many healing properties and when used in moderation, can be beneficial.

Using his platform, Dilan Abeya has easily turned Instagram into people’s one-stop shop for motivation and knowledge. Starting from a place of weakness, Dilan Abeya is now seen by the public as a transparent model that the average person is able to relate to. This mission statement has been the rallying force behind his impressive follower count and engagement on his photos. Now with 2020 almost over and 2021 on the verge, Dilan Abeya will be happily motivating his current fans and new fans into the next season.

To keep up with the life of Dilan Abeya, you can follow him on Instagram here: http://www.instagram.com/d.ilan_a.beya/


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