A Conversation With Lala Inuti Ahari of The Conjure About her Million-dollar Business Success

Lala Inuti Ahari is the founder of The Conjure, a world-renowned brand that sells spelled candles that stimulate people to connect with their spiritual side. Mrs. Ahari has worked tirelessly throughout her career to launch her dream business.

Today, just over 2 years since its founding, her dream business earns more than $1 million per month and has recently won the Stevie Silver Award for the fastest-growing company. Mrs. Ahari is one of the few spiritual coaches who helps people understand their life and purpose. We are fortunate that she could speak to us today about her journey to becoming a conjurer and launching an incredibly successful business that helps people around the world.

Q: Mrs. Ahari, what made you choose this career?

A: I would like to think I didn’t choose, but that I was chosen. Maybe it is even being a part of my purpose. As I look back at all the major turning points in my life, I can see things that happened to get me to this point.

When I was in my early twenties, I became curious about the connection between religion and spirituality. I wanted to understand the different roots and aspects of spirituality. I remember being in a serious bind, to the point I had no choice but to get on my knees and pray. I said, “Jesus, if you are real, I’m here. Show me.” I remember chanting what I needed to the point of heavy sobbing tears. I just kept repeating it, demanding, crying. Saying, “If God is real, show me!”

It was 9/11, the night the planes hit the twin towers. The next morning, just hours after this prayer, my situation immediately turned around exactly the way I asked. That’s when spirit and God became a priority to me.

Not only did prayer become a big part of my life but so did the spiritual realm, because I understood that somebody heard me. God, angels, Jesus, my ancestors — they all heard me. And whether it was a prayer or considered a conjure, it was real and they immediately came to my aid. I’ll never forget that because I was blown away that it was happening that fast.

I know most spiritualists dismiss Christianity and Jesus, but I don’t. I know he is a deity the same as all the other deities and Gods I conjure. God is real, spirit is real, and so is our power to control our own reality. It was shown to me. I just wasn’t ready then to embrace it fully, I didn’t know what I was being prepared for. That not only would I change my life but change tens of thousands of others around the world. My “career” in conjure began before I realized it. I was being groomed for something bigger than myself, and I am still being guided. I just had to go through some hardship first to keep me humble enough to handle it once it was handed to me.

Q: Was there always a business culture in your family, now that you are such a successful businesswoman?

A: Absolutely. My mother worked in the banking industry, while some of the other family members had other jobs. But I remember my mother holding down a side hustle doing people’s hair in our home. My dad was the dreamer though, he was always excited about the next big thing. A true salesman and entrepreneur at heart. My parents were divorced before I was born, but I always admired my mom’s hard work and my dad’s ambition.

That’s all the business connection there was in my immediate family. However, I do remember my family being hardworking. That’s one thing that I picked up from my family at a young age. Their dedication and commitment to flourish in their careers was something to admire and learn from. Laziness does not run in my bloodline. You had to get up and be busy working at something legal and successful.

My nana (my mother’s mother) made sure we stayed on our toes. She was the backbone on my mother’s side and a major part of why I keep pushing for more for my family. She made family her priority, no matter what their weakness or flaw was. If they’re family, you help them, you lift them. Period. No exceptions. I later learned that protecting my bloodline was also a priority, but she laid the foundation for that, which later helped me as a successful businesswoman.

Q: Did any of your family members object to your decision to leave your job and start a business?

A: Never. My family isn’t judgmental. We understand we all have our own walk. On the contrary, they have supported me all the way. For example, when I discussed that I wasn’t happy at my job and wanted to do this full-time, my daughters were there to help. Once it became too much to bear, my family stepped up and became a huge part of my business and still is to this day. That meant a lot to me because I was going to need the support system for what I was about to do. Today, my mother helps run The Conjure and my family makes up 99% of my staff.

Q: How did you handle the transition from working as a full-time employee at a mortgage bank to starting your own business?

A: I overcame my doubts and fears. Not having a steady paycheck and walking away from a 17-year successful career was intimidating to face. I remember lighting my Damballah altar, asking for a way out. A few weeks later I also did a huge Jupiter spell. The very next day ended up being my last day at the company I worked for. I remember feeling relieved, like a weight was immediately lifted off my shoulders.

But I was also scared because of the unknown ahead. That was a risk I had to take if I wanted the change I was asking for. Spirit had bigger plans for me, bigger than what I asked for. I wasn’t alone in this journey and I knew that.

Q: How did you start your company?

A: I started my Instagram @ConjuredHoodoo in 2018, just 2 months before leaving my job. That page later became @soul.purge as I created another page. I noticed my followers followed me to the new page and have been supporting me since. I built a name for myself online immediately by offering personal services for clients looking for conjure work. I became successful extremely fast.

By the end of 2018, I decided to take what I know and put it into a collection of candles. The Conjure launched on January 11th, 2019. Once people were able to experience my spiritual alchemy directly, it was over. The Conjure became an immediate success. I believed in myself, my work, and spirit. I had my ancestors guiding me and I put in the hard work it took to make it happen.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

A: Honestly, I would like to tell my younger self that it’s okay not to fit in. You are not meant to. I would tell her that the passion inside her that nobody understands will one day help change the world. To believe in yourself no matter what others will tell you. You will have it hard, but it will make you strong enough to handle your calling. Learn how to put yourself first sometimes. Wanting the best for people that don’t believe in themselves can be self-destructive. Hold tight to your boundaries, and do not fold.

You will have 3 daughters and will have to raise them on your own. Instead of giving them what you never had, teach them what you never knew. Do not give up on them and try harder to accept and understand them individually. This will make them more powerful.

You are powerful. The “more” that you will be searching for does exist. Keep searching for it. It will find you. When it does, it will change everything.

Q: How do your products work?

A: I get asked this question a lot. I won’t disclose my process. However, I will say that I am an expert at spiritual alchemy. I understand how to “attach” energies and spirits to a specific item. This is how my candles work. This is also why I get a lot of reviews about them working before they are received. My candles are not intention candles.

They are spelled, with real conjure and real spirits.
I also have a conjure collection that uses a very ancient system called Solomonic magic. These candles work by using the seal and calling on the spirits attached to the seal. I do not own this system, but I decided to add it to my collection so that I can teach it to others.

Q: Do you consider social media valuable for your business?

A: Of course! I don’t think my business would have been half as successful now if not for social media. It gave me the right platform to connect with thousands of people who believe in spirituality and genuinely want to come out of their financial and emotional problems. Social media was incredibly valuable for my business and my marketing was solely focused on that.

Q: Is passion important for an entrepreneur?

A: It is. Passion should drive your business. Believing in a bigger cause and loving what you do brings a cleaner energy to your work. It vibrates higher and you’re able to attract the people you need to it. Your heart must be in it. If you are passionate about something, working hard for it should be easy.

It was a pleasure talking to you, Mrs. Ahari. We are confident that your products will keep changing the lives of people for the better.

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