A Destroyed Credit Score Doesn’t Determine Your Destiny According to Sean Clark

Sean Clark is one of the leading industry professionals in the credit consulting and credit repair space and has helped to successfully repair thousands of credit scores.

His focus and determination on quick turnaround, high-quality work, and efficiency have built his reputable name and business on a strong foundation of happy customers, and a long list of referral partners.

Clark a 25-year-old Entrepreneur from Phoenix, Arizona started his One Percent Credit company just a little over 2 years ago. Within those two years, Clark has successfully built a 7-figure Credit Repair company as well as a 7-figure personal and business funding company. 

One Percent Credit has successfully helped millions of consumers in debt as well as helped thousands of consumers repair their credit with his proven strategy, so they can begin rebuilding their financial lives and getting a strong score established again. Their services have helped people get approved for lifelong purchases such as homes, cars, lower interest rates, and the funding capital that they may need to start or grow a business.

Clark got into credit because he had been scammed in an Shopify e-commerce investment on Instagram for $1500. At the time it was the last bit of money he had saved up. Desperate to find a business or opportunity that would work and help provide Sean with financial freedom he started to look for other ways to make money. That is when stumbled across the amazon stores when they had first started to come around and thought that it would be the golden ticket. At the time the stores were selling for 20k, and he didn’t have 20k so the company said they could provide funding but it turned out he didn’t have the required credit score to acquire enough funds to get the amazon store. However, they charged him 15% on the measly 8k they had been able to give him even though he said he didn’t want it. Furious with having to pay the fee and now a beat up credit score, he began to invest all of my time and energy into learning how credit works, how to find myself, how to fund myself and use that capital to invest into assets.

Besides helping thousands improve their credit reports and scores, One Percent Credit has been successful in helping entrepreneurs and businesses acquire capital to invest into new income streams, grow their existing businesses, or even save their business with enough capital to get them through tougher financial times such as COVID-19. 

One Percent Credit helps solve the consumer and business financial problems in the market place nowadays when it comes to unwanted and falsified debt. Having a strong credit file is extremely important when it comes to funding choices for your business. Without a strong credit score, you will have high APR rates, Higher chances of Loan Denials, and Overall higher Car Insurance so  The ability to access capital when needed for a business or personal venture can be a life-changing experience for many individuals. The foundation for American finances and businesses have always been built off having or obtaining credit to keep our economy running. Helping people do all of the above is one of the most fulfilling things One Percent Credit can do to give back and implore those to not let a financial mistake or hardship ruin their lives or business in a time of need.

Everyone makes a mistake here and there, but they have a mission to give those who need a second chance the one they deserve. Sean believes you shouldn’t be punished for your past mistakes or held back by current circumstances that not everyone should have to face. One Percent Credit thrives on helping others, and what better way to do that than to help fix and stimulate people’s futures than with the things they need to be successful in an American economy.

For more information You Can Visit onepercentcredit.com.  You Can Also Contact Sean by Email Or Directly Through His Instagram

Contact Information:

Instagram @SeanDavidClark

Email: Support@OnePercentCredit.Com

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