A Double-Decker RV? Check Out the Bus This Family of 8 is Converting Into a Roaming Tiny Home

After taking a short road trip during the pandemic the Eyerly family decided they wanted to spend more time traveling, but they were having a hard time finding an RV that would fit their family of eight. “It’s not that there were no RVs for large families, but none of the layouts provided the permanent personal space for the kids, everything had to be converted every morning and every night. It was just going to be such a hassle.” says Deena, the young mother of six.

After spending months searching for their perfect travel vehicle the family came across a double-decker tour bus previously used as a hotel on wheels. “When I saw it I knew it was the one for us!” Shortly after finding the bus the Eyerly family, now known on YouTube as the Double Decker Family, got straight to planning their perfect floor plan.

What they came up with is what they call a perfect solution to their large family needs on the road. With six individual pods for each of the kids, and a primary room for the parents this double decker bus really does seem to have it all. They have also managed to squeeze in two bathrooms, including one with a 7 foot plus shower, a full-size kitchen with fridge and freezer, an entertainment/tv area, and a dining room to fit the whole family.

“It’s big for sure, but we’ve had it built to be our home,” says Deena’s husband Dane who recently passed the driver’s testallowing him to drive such a large vehicle. The bus itself is about 43 feet long and just over 13 feet tall. Add their family van to it and suddenly their total length is around 65 feet.

For the Eyerly family, it was just about the size of the living space, but also about the ability to travel together in one vehicle, safely. They are towing a Ford Transit T150 which they will use to “get around town” at each of the stops on their journey. While they do not consider themselves “full-timers,” as the RV community calls it, they will be spending most of their time traveling from state to state over the next two years.

“We have a home base here in Texas, something we can always come back to, but I’m not sure how often we’ll find ourselves here,” says Dane. He is confident they’ll make the RV their home as they plan to spend an average of two weeks visiting each of the lower 48 states over the next two years.

The family also is not certain they will be done traveling in two years because “there is just so much to do and see, we’re not sure two years will be enough time.” They are hoping to visit as many National Parks, professional sporting venues, and Latter-Day Saint Temples as possible.

For now, the Double Decker Family is just looking forward to getting their bus conversion completed so they can hit the road and begin exploring. They expect to start their journey in Utah, where the bus is being converted by Apex Customs Utah, around the 4th of July and then chase 70-degree weather as much as possible. While they say they don’t have a specific plan for their stops along the way, they do have a massive four foot tall, laminated wall map which seems to be marked up with a variety of travel plans.

“This adventure isn’t really about the roaming tiny home, it’s about where the roaming tiny home will take us.”

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