A Mentor in the Real Estate Industry: Terry Thayer Teaches Others to Maximize Their Efficiency in Life to Enjoy Their Time More

For Terry Thayer, having a quality team made all the difference for his residential real estate company. His job, much like many other jobs, requires a good deal of collaboration and teamwork to succeed. So for him, finding and hiring the right people was crucial to his success. In addition, he has helped numerous people close more deals by automating their businesses to create a more efficient work environment.

“A lot of my business success was developed by building the right team around me. I don’t believe in self-made; it takes a team. I used to struggle with trying to find the right people to hire and would often get into the hire, fire game until I found the right person. Ultimately this ends up costing a lot of time and money. I have since developed an automated way to hire and bring in the right person every time and take a fraction of the time and money that it used to.” –Terry

When Terry began his career in the real estate industry, he realized it was just another high paying job. He was working 80 to 100 hours a week, exhausted, and still not getting enough out of the business. He realized that there was something off about the way he was running his life in terms of how much effort he put into the job and what he was getting out of it. 

“I started my journey after moving to Raleigh, NC in 1995. Since then I have been a husband, father, carpenter turned builder and ultimately entrepreneur. I now know that I actually own my business vs my businesses owning me. When I started, it was just a high paying job and I had no life. I love what I do, and I do it on my terms.” -Terry

Now, Terry helps teach others about gaining their own financial freedom on their own terms. He shows people how to make money without losing too much of their own free time by maximizing their efficiency throughout the day. For him, it is important that people continue to make money, but continue to be more and more efficient and build teams to create duplication. You always have the opportunity to make more money but you will never get more time. 

“Now, I get to teach others to not make the same mistakes I made that cost me a ton of time and money. I can always make more money, but I will never get more time. I have learned how to duplicate time with everything I do. Mentoring people is a passion and a choice. This is the one thing I don’t mind doing myself.” –Terry 

Terry has also made himself more successful by streamlining his processes and automating them to save him more time and money. This gives him the freedom to create other opportunities and spend more time doing the things he loves. 

“I have been a residential real estate investor since 2002 and have closed over a quarter billion in transactions since then. No matter what business I start, I find a way to automate it so I can do things that I want. In real estate, we do things big in the residential space. I would like to be perceived as the guy who helps entrepreneurs scale and automate their business.” –Terry

Terry continues to develop, build new homes, flip houses and run his virtual wholesaling business that is based out of North Carolina. He has been able to build a team and systems that allow them to buy and sell homes all over the country without ever leaving their office. This experience allows him to coach real estate entrepreneurs to go from doing 6 figures a year or even multiple 6 figures a year to 6 figures a month. 

More information about Terry Thayer can be found on his website https://www.terrythayerii.com/ or visit his official Instagram account @terrythayerii

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