A New Dawn In Neo Tokyo: 19 Icons Illuminate The Citadel

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In a seismic shift that seemed inevitable, Neo Tokyo has been dominating NFT sales charts and capturing recent attention as The Citadel has witnessed an influx of no less than NINETEEN prominent crypto gaming and Web3 founders, projects, and companies enter the gates of their city in under two weeks.

Co-founder Alex Becker has consistently asserted that the mission was not to succumb to the airdrop and hype culture prevalent in NFT blue-chip projects. Instead, the focus was on cultivating a robust foundation of core believers during the bear market, then attract top names later, shaping Neo Tokyo into the Soho House of Web3.

Recap: Just over a year ago, Influencive named Neo Tokyo as a project to keep on your watchlist.

Now, the question lingers: who are these nineteen entities that have chosen to align themselves with Neo Tokyo? And why should you be closely monitoring their movements?

Loopify: Treeverse & Capsule Heroes

Treeverse is an expansive MMORPG set in an open-world, blending elements of fantasy and sci-fi, featuring a dynamic MOBA-style combat system. Engage in thrilling battles, craft formidable weapons, master the art of fishing, establish guilds, conquer dungeons, and unravel the rich lore. Loopify, the visionary behind Endless Clouds, is also developing the PvP Brawler, Capsule Heroes.



“Altura makes Web3 development a breeze.” Altura serves as a smart contract platform empowering game developers to seamlessly mint, distribute, and transact Smart NFTs representing in-game items. With user-friendly APIs and SDKs, Altura enables builders to effortlessly create, update, and transfer in-game NFTs without the burden of technical complexity or substantial investment.


Vulcan Forged

Fueled by $PYR and $LAVA, the Vulcan Forged ecosystem encompasses over 10 NFT and gaming projects, including the widely acclaimed VulcanVerse and Berserk. With arguably the most robust crypto gaming community, CEO Jamie Thomson actively engages with fans on social media and participates in AMAs, contributing to the platform’s vibrant and thriving environment.


Galileo Protocol

Galileo is on the forefront of developing the world’s inaugural platform and ecosystem for tokenizing and redeeming physical assets. By tokenizing physical assets, Galileo introduces new avenues for investors, asset owners, and financial markets. This innovation provides access to alternative investments, facilitates portfolio diversification, and enhances liquidity for traditionally illiquid assets.



Seedify stands as a Web3-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through community-driven governance, feedback, involvement, and funding mechanisms. Entrepreneurs and innovators can submit their projects to Seedify.fund DAO, undergo community voting, and secure seed funding. Successful projects can further join the incubation program, leveraging community support.



WAGMI Games represents a pioneering mobile WEB3 gaming entertainment franchise. It seamlessly blends rare high-fidelity graphic games, sustainable in-game economies, and vibrant communities, offering a unique hybrid gaming experience.



SHRAPNEL, an intensely competitive AAA extraction shooter set to launch on PC in 2024, immerses players in a not-too-distant future altered by a mysterious substance. As MEF Operators, players embark on missions to find and extract valuable resources, creating a tense, high-stakes, and skill-rewarding competitive environment.


Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games is a Web3 Gaming Ecosystem dedicated to skill, strategy, and in-depth game knowledge rather than luck. Their Play-to-Earn games require strategic thinking and proficiency, allowing users to leverage their skills and gaming knowledge for tangible rewards.


Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes stands as a pioneering Web3, space-based gaming metaverse with epic lore, tradable tokens, and valuable resources. Hero progress is seamlessly saved across multiple games within one interplanetary ecosystem, complemented by a groundbreaking profit-sharing Module System.


Merit Circle

Merit Circle operates as a DAO with a focus on maximizing yield across play-to-earn games and the metaverse. Their mission involves revolutionizing gaming by empowering individuals to actively shape its future. The vertically integrated gaming DAO achieves this through strategic investments, NFT strategies, and yield farming.


Cornucopias Game

Cornucopias is an MMORPG Metaverse game that empowers players to own vehicles, land, pets, mounts, and other NFT-based assets. All assets are tradeable in a peer-to-peer manner, creating a dynamic and expanding Metaverse.


HustlePedia: TTOO & Nexus Labs

Nexus Labs serves as an all-in-one hub for Crypto Gaming, Trading, NFTs, DeFi, and more. Providing a collection of tools for comprehensive project research and early access opportunities, it complements the ecosystem led by Hustle’s PFP collection, TTOO—a space catering not only to investors but also gamers and builders alike.


Playa3ULL Games

Playa3ull’s mission is to transport players to different worlds through games. With a commitment to player ownership, design, and in-game economies, Playa3ull aims to reward players with assets they truly own. This family-owned business not only builds games but also supports game creators in bringing their visions to the blockchain.



SinVerse is an immersive play-to-earn multiplayer mafia metaverse combining the thrill of a mafia-themed game with the power of blockchain technology. Featuring 17 distinct districts, each with unique properties and in-game businesses, players shape the economy, run businesses, and leave their mark in a dynamic world.


The Red Village

The Red Village is a dark-fantasy play-and-earn blockchain game bridging the gap between traditional gamers and the blockchain world. Drawing inspiration from classic titles like Diablo, The Witcher, and Runescape, it offers multiplayer fighting tournaments and a planned open-world RPG expansion into the Darklands beyond the village walls.



‘Stache stands as a crypto gaming educator and influencer, simplifying NFTs, Play-To-Earn Crypto Gaming, and the Metaverse’s future. With over 80K followers on Twitter and 92K subs on YouTube, ‘Stache’s extensive reach positions him as a top crypto personality going into the next bull run.



GAM3S.GG serves as a Web3 gaming superapp curating and creating content to spotlight top games. Providing reviews, guides, news, quests, and annual awards, the team’s mission is to propel Web3 gaming to 100 million users through its platform and content.


Avax Gaming

Avalanche, where “gaming pushes the boundaries of innovation with blockchain,” hosts titles like Shrapnel, Pulsar, Paradise Tycoon, Crypto Royale, and more. Thanks to high transactions per second, sub-second finality, frictionless onboarding via native wallets, and crypto-optional ecosystems, AVAX Gaming offers a cutting-edge gaming experience.



Illuvium combines collectible NFTs with RPG and auto-battler elements. The game provides an open-world RPG experience where players mine, harvest, capture, and engage in battles with Illuvials.


Final Thoughts

These announcements have jolted NT admirers into action. Those who have been eyeing a way into The Citadel have wasted no time in making their purchases following each announcement, pushing the floor prices of S1 and S2 Citizens to 20 ETH and 2.9 ETH respectively.

It must be said, no other NFT project has dropped news with this much punch in a long time, at least not with the substance we’ve seen—except Pudgy Penguins, who have been gaining massive respect in their own right.

Are we seeing a changing of the guard of NFT blue-chip collections? It’s still too early to tell, but a few more game-changer partnerships would surely add weight to the case.

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