A Solution for Ridiculous Gas Prices? Hedgehog Protocol to create Modular Synthetic Blockspace

With a commitment to simplifying and optimizing blockspace and gas markets, Hedgehog Protocol has been getting noticed. They recently closed their pre-seed funding round securing $1.5M to create Modular Synthetic Blockspace.

The Co-Founder, Esko Koivula, has a background as a serial entrepreneur. He jumped into crypto in 2019 and founded the largest web3 community in Finland. The idea for Hedgehog emerged from personal pain points associated with getting ‘rekt’ on gas fees. His entrepreneurial instinct took over and Esko along with other co-founders wanted to find a way to offset the expense of gas. That quickly evolved into making a protocol for degens and speculators, but the idea didn’t stop there. The concept expanded to a more ambitious goal. It evolved into a strategic tool for companies and institutions looking to protect their profits from the high costs of transaction fees. To bring this vision to life, the team was joined by experienced developers from their professional circles, including a Mathematics professor. Together, they developed a solution that could replicate blockspace synthetically and the Hedgehog Protocol was born. 

Hedgehog Protocol is backed by Vasiliy Shapovalov of Lido, Ivangbi of Lobsterdao, Mike Lobanov of Tenzor, Banteg of Yearn Finance, Brian D. Evans of BDE Ventures, Amplice of Gearbox Protocol, and venture capital firms such as Marshland Capital and Tenzor Capital have also aligned with their vision. 

The gas market and the concept of blockspace are at the core of blockchain’s functionality and efficiency. High demand for blockspace leads to increased gas prices, and we are all feeling the trauma and PTSD of transacting in a bull market. 

Hedgehog Protocol specifically targets financial use cases such as rollups, account abstraction wallets on different chains, exchanges, and more. The goal is to reduce the significant gas-costs associated with these applications reducing operational costs.  

Whether it’s the outrageous gas on Ethereum, or the cost of transacting on Bitcoin, Hedgehog Protocol’s infrastructure layer helps. With inspiration from Liquidity Design, the emphasis on modularity and user experience makes the protocol adaptable to real-time market conditions. Modularity in this case means the protocol can potentially be applied to ecosystems beyond Ethereum. This allows the casual Ethereum user and large-scale dApp manage their gas costs.

At its core, Hedgehog Protocol provides the ability to buy and sell synthetic gas at current market conditions. This is done without locking into a fixed price. Hedgehog invites developers, partners, and more to come solve blockchain gas management, and build a more secure and efficient blockchain ecosystem. Follow Hedgehog protocol on X to learn more.


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