A Wise Person Once Said, “Time is our Greatest Commodity”.

These words put into perspective that time is our most precious commodity because once it passes we can never get it back.

Once you accept this reality you begin to live your life more meaningful because you realize that each moment is meaningful and significant and that you have the opportunity to let each moment be exactly that – meaningful and significant.

In this article we interview Parker Beck, a social media specialist based out of NYC. 

Parker started working in the social media industry in 2013 by growing themed Twitter accounts. Always taking initiative, he learned the ins-and-outs of social media through trial and error plus networking with other like-minded marketers and learning their ways. His favorite quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson, “There is no greater education than one that is self-drive” fueled his auto-didactic learning ability to curiously explore and sharpen his skills.

From there he started growing Instagram accounts amassing a total follower base of 700k across all of his social media accounts.

Currently, Parker is creating content and ad campaigns for notable brands and huge artists like Russ and Megan Thee Stallion. Along with content creation and ad campaigns, he manages social media accounts, runs social media campaigns from inception to placement and compiles finalized analytics and data used to strategize and implement creative marketing and advertising campaigns that win.

He has a great understanding of human behavior and psychology. This is very beneficial in marketing because it gives him a better understanding of customers wants & needs. This skill set comes in handy when creating content or strategizing for ad campaigns. 

In 2020 Parker realized that time is his most valuable commodity because it is one thing that you cannot buy and it is lost a little bit every day. He realized that life is short and that you should always seize opportunities and spend as much time doing what you love and being with those that you love.

I asked Parker, “What was your biggest failure and biggest success? What did you learn from them?

He responded, “Throughout my social media career I have had my fair share of failures as well as success. Some of my failures include failed brands or bad investments. From these failures, I have learned valuable lessons. One of the most valuable lessons I learned is to take my time, do my research, and not rush into things too quickly.”

He continues “making rushed decisions in business has very rarely worked out best for me, therefore I take my time making decisions. If I start feeling FOMO about a stock, cryptocurrency or any new market, I like to remind myself to take a step back, do my own research and come to a conclusion on if I still want to pursue it. Obviously I have missed out on a bunch of opportunities and money because of these more thought out decisions.”

However, I am content with my choices because I know I did the right thing by not rushing an impulse decision. I have found its best not to harp on past decisions and ‘what could have been’ type of scenarios. Right now with Bitcoin blowing up again, people are having the FOMO that they didn’t listen when it was ‘cheap’ and regret not buying in earlier. To those people I will remind them that there will always be something else to come along. There are no shortages of opportunities to make money when it comes to the internet and continually advancing technology.

These are wise words from Parker. Have patience and do your research in order to have the due diligence required to make sound decisions.

Do not rush, realize that time is your most valuable commodity and enjoy each moment. Make it meaningful and worthwhile.


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