Abdullah Al-Antari is one Young Magician Who Sets the Stage on Fire With His Magic Tricks.

There are various art forms of entertainment which have amused us in some way or the other, magic being one of them which has never failed to enthrall the audiences as it has that gripping quality in its form which keeps all mesmerized. We can say that it is also one of the toughest forms of art as a lot of practice is required, backed by some knowledge about science that makes a perfect magician.

There have been a lot of extremely talented experts in this field who have been entertaining the audiences since time unknown, but the current lot of young magicians are a breed apart as they exude tremendous capacity to take over the stage with their spectacular work, some of which have been taken the world by surprise. 22-year-old Abdullah Al-Antari from Germany is one of them who has enchanted all with his impeccable magic skills that set him apart from others.

The beginning of this magician’s journey:

Abdullah finished his schooling in Saudi Arabia and then headed to Germany for higher studies. Magic was something that always interested him since the very beginning, and he started learning the basics right from his early days. However, the art was just a hobby for him at that time, a pastime to draw attention and amuse those around him. Gradually his interest grew, and he started to dwell deep into the subject, gaining in-depth knowledge like professionals.

The road to glory:

As his interest grew, so did his popularity as he started posting videos of his magic tricks on social media, which gained him a humongous following within no time. He had become an Internet sensation as more than 1,000 users were seen watching his performance on his Facebook page, which was quite impressive. Soon after, he started performing at events, which spiraled his popularity to towering heights.

The world had got its young talented magician:

Abdullah’s close up magic tricks began picking up pace as he started gaining recognition on social media as well as at multiple events where he performed live. What’s more, he got certified by the International Magicians Society (IMS), which finally had him step into this world as a certified magician. Today, Abdullah Al-Antari has excelled in the field of magic as he has mastered the art to its core and is ready to take on the world of magic through his amazing talent.

You can follow him on Instagram & Twitter.

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