Abdulsalam Quadri Opeyemi – A Pilot and a Businessman Rising Above the Earth

It’s easy to find folks who will tell you that being a pilot is a bad idea.

It’s easy to find folks who will tell you that being a pilot is a bad idea. They’re eager to point out airline pilots’ tragedies and troubles, as well as other challenges that pilots encounter and they believe that pilots’ glory days are ended. However, presumably still believe that being a pilot is one of the coolest things you could ever do.

A businessman and an adventure lover, Abdulsalam Quadri Opeyemi decided to take up this coolest thing and became a pilot. He is widely known as Blinjoe and was born in Kwara State, now lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Abdulsalam Quadri Opeyemi, unlike many of us, enjoys heights, thrills, and excitement which was the driving factor for him to become a pilot. He firmly believes that a person defines himself by following up his heart. This belief has shaped up his life. It is an essential component of any striving dreamer. Anyone can reach their goals with patience, hard work and undying effort.

He completed his schooling at Dayspring School in Ilorin, Kwara State. His ability was self-evident from the start, and he was accepted into the esteemed University of Ilorin in Ilorin, Kwara State, to study computer engineering.

When we were kids, many of us fantasised about becoming pilots. The notion of flying over the air and landing in different places while clothed in a bright white uniform has a certain allure.

Abdulsalam Quadri Opeyemi, like many of us, aspired to be a doctor, but life has offered him a high life, which he has grasped with both hands. He thanks his success to his hard work, perseverance and the upbringing of his parents Mr Abdulsalam M. and Abdulsalam T.

Every child, like Abdulsalam Quadri Opeyemi, dreams of becoming a pilot, but as we grow older, that fantasy fades and is replaced by more realistic aspirations. However, being a pilot, like any other job, is a feasible choice. It takes herculean efforts and sacrifices to follow these dreams. 

We can all agree that no job is without its challenges, but flying isn’t for everyone. If you have a fear of heights, anxiety, or other issues that prohibit you from remaining calm, this work may not be for you.

Flying, on the other hand, is not all fancy and breathtaking views; living a high life involves a great deal of hard labour, determination, and pain.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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