Actress and Model Katya Bakat Shares Her “Happy, Healthy, and Fancy” Lifestyle

The opening scene of Katya Bakats YouTube video is a striking vision. Strutting in catwalkstyle, Bakat is obviously working two of her natural gifts: modeling and acting. A stunning blonde with flawless features, she is mesmerizing. Quickly, she gets to her point. She addresses the audience by saying, “Welcome to my world.A model, an actress, and an exercise guru Bakat aims to share her expertise

Bakats YouTube Channel, Happy Healthy Fancy, and her website of the same name aim to take ordinary people into her glamorous realm and teach them a few of her most basic secrets. Bakat stays true to her brand title and invites you to hear her threefold plan which includes finding inner peace, living a healthy lifestyle, and discovering the latest trends in beauty and fashion

So, who is Katya Bakat? Chances are you know her from her modeling work with brands such as LOreal, Armani, Bulgari Jewelry, and more. Or maybe you saw her on the big screen in the 2019 film Angel Has Fallen with big names such as Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, and Jada Pinkett Smith. But, these days, with film production postponed by the virus, Bakat has pursued another passion – developing her own brand

At the onset of the shutdown, Bakat worried that closed gyms would cause people to slip from their healthy routines. She agonized over the thought of people not having access to organized exercise to keep them physically and emotionally healthy. So, Bakat found a solution.

She began working diligently on her website where she outlined tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the most challenging of times. Then she began working on exercise videos and launched her own YouTube Channel. The results have been overwhelmingly satisfying for the blossoming entrepreneur

Bakat attributes her penchant for healthy living to her parents. She says that they kept her active as a child and instilled a love for exercise and activities that made her feel healthy. Bakat learned at a young age that a considerable part of feeling good is nurturing both the body and the mind.

Therefore, her sites are filled with much more than exercise videos. She lays out tips to strike an inner balance even when outer challenges seem insurmountable. Its this inner peace that has sustained Bakat from the beginning. And the beginning of her highprofile career is quite unique

Bakat knows quite a bit about starting from the ground up. A runway natural, she plunged into the spotlight when she signed with IMG Models at a young age. She left Russia and her family to pursue a career that took her all over the world at a very young age.

Bakat says that she has always been driven, motivated, and independent. While she is very close with her family, she has relied on this drive and independence to succeed

Although she continues to model, acting has also been a passion for Katya. Overcoming the challenges of balancing several interests, Bakat believes it is her determination and professionalism that has allowed her to consistently land quality work assignments

Well, Bakat has had plenty of success, and it just keeps coming. Her latest venture, Happy Healthy Fancy, is exploding on the internet as people seek expert advice from the Russianborn model and actress turned entrepreneur.

Pursuing her passion for sharing what she knows best, Bakat is proving her talent has many veins. Although she is still modeling, she is anxiously awaiting the day when she can continue her budding acting career. But, for now, she is quite content working on her best investment herself and her brand, Happy Healthy Fancy

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