Adbank is Strategically Changing The Online Advertising Industry With the Blockchain


While a lot of entrepreneurs are looking to cryptocurrencies as a way of making returns on invested capital, some are investing in blockchain technologies to solidify the future of their business’ growth.

We recently caught up with Alex Brown, of The Beard Club to get his thoughts. The Beard Club has made headlines for their viral videos amassing millions of views across the internet as they exploded into the male grooming space.

Brown and The Beard Club team have started to make investments into blockchain technologies that they believe will revolutionize and have a massive payoff on their bottom line. They are looking at it from an angle of opportunity rather than unchartered waters.

“We know and understand the value of blockchain in solving a ton of problems for companies, as well as making a lot of our processes and operations more efficient and profitable.” Said Brown, “We are super interested in solutions in advertising and logistics just to name a few.”

One blockchain startup that has The Beard Club’s attention is Adbank, which aims to use machine learning and the blockchain to eliminate advertising fraud and make advertising more profitable for advertisers and fair for publishers who have traditionally sacrificed 30-70% of ad revenue to costly middlemen.

“As a company that is steadily growing with our own cash flow. Removing middlemen and cutting out ad fraud is going to drop our acquisition cost and accelerate our growth tremendously. This is a great example of how the blockchain is going to help our business scale.”

Adbank just launched their public token sale and has experienced tremendous momentum out of the gates with nearly $3 million raised in the private pre-sale round and another $1.5 million+ raised since the public sale has opened.

“We are really excited to be gaining considerable traction not only in the crypto community but also with publishers and advertisers alike by becoming their champions,” said Angelo Dodaro, CMO, and Co-founder of AdBank.

“We have received a ton of validation in a very short period of time from key stakeholders to prove that what we are doing is extremely important for this industry.  Every day we have new advertisers and publishers approaching us to find out how they can use Adbank to grow their revenue and eliminate fraudsters and middlemen. It is so rewarding to provide real solutions for companies and fuel their growth.”

David Yarus, Founder of Jswipe, the #1 dating app for the Jewish community, and, an advertising agency, also sees a lot of value in the Adbank platform.

“Anything that helps advertisers more efficiently advertise and more effectively grow their business I can not only benefit from as an advertiser and agency owner but is something that as a publisher I’d support for my advertisers. The better advertisers do, the more they spend and the better we all do together.”

The Beard Club and JSwipe are just a sample of the thousands of advertisers and publishers turning to Adbank to make their business more profitable.

“I’m really excited for what we can do for the industry. That excitement is clearly shared by ADB token holders, publishers, and advertisers. I can’t wait to completely disrupt this very broken industry,” said Angelo with his infectious enthusiasm.

To give you a better idea of the problems Adbank will be solving with their solution, we’ve highlighted three problems below.

  • A lack of transparency. Existing ad networks tightly guard their data to make it impossible for advertisers or publishers to validate that they are getting their fair share. Adbank’s platform will be open source and fully auditable to ensure a level playing field at all times.
  • Killing the ad-tech tax. Experts suggest that at least 48 cents of every dollar spent on advertising is lost to costly middlemen. Adbank plans to disrupt this by running their ad network close to 0% net profit while leveraging its big data machine for revenue generating opportunities.
  • Fighting ad fraud. Nearly $17 billion will be lost to ad fraud this year alone, almost double last year’s figure. Adbank’s patent-pending anti-fraud AI will leverage the blockchain and a token-based economy to scale the fight against fraudsters on a level that has previously been impossible with fiat based networks.

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