Adil C – Meet The Young Canadian Pop Hit Sensation

Adil C is a talented self-taught singer, songwriter and musician from Canada. His talents have earned him with over 10 million streams across platforms like Spotify, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. His debut song “Good Enough” was a huge success, being recognized by notable celebrities like Addison Rae and LILHUDDY, and his latest single “INTHEMOOD” reached over a million streams and was included in Spotify’s official playlist, “New Music Friday Canada”.

Early Life:

Adil was born on April 7th, 1997 in Montreal, Quebec and grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. His family is from Pakistan and owned a boutique in Mississauga. He discovered his passion for music at just 8 years of age, when he picked his first guitar from a store near his parent’s boutique. This started the journey of learning the basic chords to vocalizing which eventually led to music events and showcasing his talents in school talents shows, and ended in hisgrand pop music career.

Musical Career:

2011-2018: Career Beginning and Debut Single “Good Enough”:

At the start of his career, Adil pursued rock music and was the lead singer/songwriter for his band “Sins of Sincerity”. He delved in multi-instrument studio recording and became adept in percussion, studio production and sound design. At the age of 18, his vocals matured and this was a huge turnover for fans.

Sometime after, he took a break from Rock music to refuel his creative energy. But fate had other plans as during 2016, Justin Bieber released his song “Let me Love You”, and this song resonated with Adil on such a deep level that he believed Pop music to be his divine avenue. On September 17th, 2018, the young musician released his debut single “Good Enough” which was an instant hit. This sky-rocketed his fame and made him a pop icon over-night.

2019-2020: “Where are You” and “Perfect Glow”:

After his huge debut in 2018, Adil started working on his next single “Where are You” and after months of sneak peaks, he finally released the song in April 2019. The song was produced by Adil and Dylan Werle, working together on the single for months between studios in Toronto and Pennsylvania. This song has broken over million streams on Spotify and has become a pop hit.

Adil was contacted and mentored by the Republic Records former president Charlie Walk, and in March 2020, he released “Perfect Glow”, which was his take on uplifting energetic music. This song was another success amassing over a million streams.

2021: “INTHEMOOD”, Covers and Announcements:

On New Year Eve 2021, Adil C released song“INTHEMOOD”. Adil was the producer and songwriter for this song. He presented this song to Josh Gudwin (Producer for Justin Bieber) for feedback prior to release and this song was an instant hit having over a million views within the first month. The song was featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday Canada” and popular Tiktokers created videos on the track.

During March, Adil continued to release covers on his YouTube. He covered “Obsessed” by Addison Rae, which became viral on Instagram. Addison later liked the cover on Instagram.In April 2021, Adil C and Trinity Rose announced that they will be collaborating for a song called “I Promise”.

Recognition and Charity:

Adil C has been recognized by many stars and celebrities throughout his music career. Addison Rae, LILHUDDY, Sheri Nicole, Gavin Magnus, Trinity Rose, and many other celebrities are aware of presence in the industry.

Adil is also very active in charity work and is involved with charities such as PLAN Canada, PLAN International, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada by helping organizations gain donors through street marketing and online marketing.

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