Adnan Safir Talks About his Career as a Youtuber and Artist in the Music Industry.

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Adnan Ahmad, known professionally as Adnan Safir, is an Indian artist and entrepreneur based in Bihar, India.

“God gives his toughest battles to his bravest soldiers.” This quote suits with the life Adnan Ahmad aka “Adnan Safir”, a Bihar-based artist and entrepreneur who decided to go on a life-changing journey at a very little age.

Adnan Safir is not his real name, this is his Stage name. In a conversation when we asked about these things, he said that Safir Ahmad is his father’s name and Adnan Ahmad is his real name, so he combined his First name with his father’s first name to make his stage name “Adnan Safir”.

He is the new inspiration for the young millennials. Despite being born in a middle-class family, Adnan Safir worked hard to run his successful business venture.

Describing his successful business experiences, Adnan says, No particular mapping or guidebooks exist to get the taste of that unimaginable success when you launch and work endlessly for your brand.

Now, he has paved his path towards success. He feels that consistency is the key. He steps out of the crowd as he can find a problem and come up with a solution seamlessly. Content and relevance rule the platform. Initially, he hadn’t thought of these as a career opportunity, but later with the support of family and his client, he has become very much successful.

Speaking about professional life, Adnan Safir said, “I am passionate about my work and everything that I do, because I love what I do, and I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. There is no endpoint I always keep challenging myself, which pushes me a step ahead as well as helps me acquire more knowledge, and master new skills.”

Adnan Safir started his work as a tech blogger then within a few months he started working on YouTube too. He helped many singers to get verified music channels on YouTube. He is a kind-hearted entrepreneur, ready to help everyone digitally.

Adnan has been encouraged and inspired by his family throughout life, His Father Safir Ahmad and mother Nasreen Khatoon supported him in his initial career, even his brother Zeeshan Ahmad also supported him and he strives to give back to his fans and customers.

He tells us that the best part of his job is the reactions he gets from his clients. He loves to make them happy and this is what is most important to him. Adnan heavily involves himself and his business with non-profit organizations and other entrepreneurs and figures to raise money and awareness for a variety of causes.

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