PAAL AI: Revolutionizing Web3 with Customized Crypto Solutions

As crypto and AI have merged to become one of the hottest topics in web3, we sat down with David from PAAL AI to get the deets on what his project has to offer. A student of the game, software, and technology, David spent his pre web3 days just learning. He spent five years in University studying economics, statistics, and computer science. Soon after university he started diving into crypto, investing, and learning blockchain technologies. This led to the development of multiple applications, building algorithms and scripts, and using his machine learning studies while in university. 

When the ChatGPT craze arrived, huge breakthroughs in AI started occurring. Captivated by the new technology, David wanted to find a way to apply the tech to the world of crypto. He and his team were one of the first to build crypto specific AI. PAAL AI has over 50 data connectors, essentially a database that connects to the language model able to serve as a source of data retrieval. They were even able to build on the Custom GPT platform and release their tool before OpenAI released it. Development focused from the start, PAAL AI is now expanding with strong tokenomics and holder incentives. 

PAAL AI is something like ChatGPT for crypto projects. While chatGPT is trained on an unfathomable amount of information, degens still couldn’t go to it and get info about the latest projects. PAAL AI creates custom bots, trained on new projects. The bot knows everything in the documents saving projects time answering questions and training new staff or mods. This super intelligent assistant knows every single thing about the company, software, and code enhancing productivity and skyrocketing projects ability to focus on development. Customer onboarding becomes streamlined because whatever information they are seeking is available from the bot which is trained on documents like the whitepaper, gitbook, and whatever other information is available. It can even be connected to Dune Analytics providing projects with revenue the ability to provide more in-depth information. PAAL AI now has a sales team with 80 people and over 500 projects on their completed list. 

Aside from their core product of custom AI bots, they also offer MyPaal which is a custom chat bot that can be deployed in Telegram or Discord to offer whatever custom features projects need. They’ve created staking bots, sniping bots, they’ve even created solutions for move to earn projects and fitness trackers. 

PAALX is their custom trading tool that performs research and executes trades. It’s on telegram and web and allows users to place trades in seconds, buy tokens, manage their portfolio, and even track their favorite influencers. PAAL analytics provides relevant token information to ensure safety and information the users receive is up to date checking for honeypots or bad functions in the code. 

The sports betting tool is another winner they are putting out to create a better experience for gamblers. They are using AI to create a tool that offers real time tracking, a variety of sports, bet analysis, and more. Let’s say a user has a game they want to bet on. This tool will help them retrieve the date, time, team playing, key players, injuries, suspensions, recent performance, odds, bookmakers, strategies, expected returns, risk level, and potential payouts. It even gives bet recommendations with confidence level. The only gamblers that used to have access to this information would be computer geeks that had time to scan the whole internet. 

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The PAAL token offers revenue sharing through staking. Revenue comes from the services and fees provided by PAAL. Soon, holders will be able to access exclusive features and products. Over 40% of the supply is currently staked and it was a fair launch. 

Aside from PAAL X and the sports betting application, the team is releasing the PAAL mobile application that encompasses all the applications mentioned plus chat and social messaging. This allows users to create group chats and then even add AI bots to them for personal research and more. They also have a robotics team that is working on an AI robot assistant for conversations, navigating different environments and real time information. David feels robotics is the next evolution of where this AI trend is heading. 

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