Inside Chronoforge: Crafting the Future of Gaming with Mind Tome


A multiplayer action RPG built on Immutable X, Chronoforge has been coming in hot with over 90K gamers signed up for the first season of competition. We sat down with Westy, the CTO of Minted Loot Studios and Chronoforge to get the story behind the game. A software developer for over 10 years, Westy spent his early career building mobile phone apps and also did a stint doing DNA analysis for the British Police. Westy also spent some time working for Pepsi and Saudi Aramco building AR/VR applications. 

When he discovered crypto he realized he didn’t need to spend his time trading because he could build. He was recruited by Minted Loot Studios to help them develop a larger brand of not just games, but also software. Mind Tome is their current project and its software that brings deeper AI into video games allowing builders to create interactive AAA game content faster with AI-enabled world crafting. It offers the ability to scale creativity end-to-end, a lore aware AI engine to draft a game bible, and the ability to create additional lore-consistent content including thousands of characters, missions, economy facets, and more. For example, instead of pre-programmed quests in games, Mind Tome can create dynamically generated quests. Now players can interact with NPCs that essentially have their own mind. 

The second main product Minted Loot is putting out is Chronoforge which will be using Mind Tome to showcase what it can do for all games. Chronoforge is a free to play multiplayer action RPG. It can be played with or without crypto and NFTs, and players hack and combat through a variety of different randomized dungeons with collaborative base building and crafting economies. 

The team has been working with Immutable X since the beginning and they were one of the first projects to build on there back in 2021. They choose immutable because there is no gas and projects can drop millions of NFTs very quickly. This was essential in a game like Chronoforge where your fighting through dungeons and on-chain loot is dropping everywhere. For their latest drop the used ZK EVM chain on Immutable X and 90K passes were minted. 

Westy grew up gaming and it was Runescape that first introduced him to the concept of digital economies and he was hooked. When he saw how NFTs could be used to have digital value in a decentralized game he saw the power crypto and gaming had. It provides gamers with a way to sell the time they put into these games. 

The $RIFT token will be used in Chronoforge and Mind Tome. Within Chronoforge the token is used to mint the NFTs. The items are not NFTs when initially dropped but players can mint them in order to trade and sell when needed. When the supply of a particular item goes up, the amount of $RIFT needed to mint it also rises to control the supply. Players can also burn multiple NFTs in order to obtain a more powerful NFT using $RIFT and be rewarded with the token for outstanding gameplay. 

Chronoforge is focused on delivering a fun game and they’ve been putting in the work to make that happen. This did not go unnoticed by investors and their list includes 369 Capital, Citizen Capital, Contange and more. They also have some notable strategic advisors and partners including Brian D. Evans, EllioTrades, Alex Becker, and Faze Banks. 

The community sentiment behind Chronoforge has been insane and their twitter has grown from 80K followers to almost 400K in a short period of time. To stay up to date on the latest updates follow @playchronoforge on X


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