Adventure Awaits With Dylan Sesco on the Somethin’ or Other Tour on Youtube-

Dylan Sesco has a dream, to show off exciting or interesting places to people who otherwise would ignore them. He started a YouTube channel with his brother to try and make interesting things cool. This became The Somethin’ Or Other Tour or

Starting with local San Francisco attractions they have expanded to videos from all around the country, including in New York City and Dallas.

Sometimes the videos are about football games, sometimes they are about historic landmarks, sometimes it’s urban exploration. That is the appeal of the channel: randomness.

Dylan Sesco started making hip-hop music, which is when he learned to make accompanying music videos which eventually led to starting a YouTube channel.

Part of the appeal for Dylan Sesco is to show off cool things to people that might not have heard of it, or had the chance to experience it. Sometimes these attractions are world famous like the Empire State Building, but often times it’s lesser known hidden gems in small communities.

The Somethin’ Or Other Tour is perfect for people who want to go on vicarious adventures and exploring, learning history and experiencing life in random ways.

Go check out The Somethin’ Or Other Tour on Youtube at

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