Advice & Motivation From Kenyunna Woodard; The Next Generation of YouTube Superstar

From a small town in Mississippi to Houston, Texas, Kenyunna Woodard, professionally known as Ken, takes on the YouTube world.

Ken is a famous 23-year-old YouTuber, content creator, and social media influencer. She has a penchant for cool clothes and wacky ideas. She shares a YouTube channel with her fiancé (Dre and Ken empire), with over 1.6 million subscribers.

Besides her main YouTube channel, she hosts two other channels.

She shares the limelight with her fiancé and children in “The Dre Way” with 123K subscribers.

Her account, “Vibing with Ken,” has garnered 47.7K subscribers so far and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Both of these channels are in a massive growth phase that Ken says takes a lot of her time. Ken was born on the 29th of July 1998 and grew up with her parents, brother, and sister in Mississippi. She started dating Dre in 2014, and the two lovebirds became engaged in 2019.

They welcomed their first child, Kasen, into the world in the same year. 2 years later, their daughter, Kaliah, burst into their world in May 2021.

Ken’s YouTube career started in 2016 while enrolled at Northwest Community college, Mississippi.

Rather than returning to school for her sophomore year, she decided to pursue a career on YouTube. This decision was not hard following her channel’s phenomenal growth.

Vibing with Ken has content all about Ken and her daily life. This is where you can gain a view into her busy life, catch her shopping up a storm, or interact with her kids and supportive husband.

When asked how her life changed after becoming an influential YouTuber, Ken replied that her life has changed for the better. It allowed her family to move from a small-town existence in Mississippi to the exploding city of Houston, Texas.

The exciting life of a YouTube star has allowed her to explore the world and meet various people along the way.

Being an influencer carries a significant responsibility on YouTube. Ken feels the pressure to keep up a positive image as she has many young people looking up to her and following her journey.

And she, in turn, enjoys motivating and interacting with her audience.

Ken and Dre’s YouTube channel, The Empire Family, provides content about their family and daily lives. In addition, it gives her aspirational fans a peek into her everyday life. Highlights include Ken’s culinary expertise as she whips up beautiful meals for her family and generally enjoys life.

Ken never fails to keep things interesting and exciting for her devoted fans, from content about pranks, challenges, reactions, and vlogs to making Jumbo Flamin Hot Cheetos pizza.

The Covid-19 pandemic might have hurt life as we know it, but it didn’t negatively impact the YouTube world.

Ken’s experience is quite the opposite.

Ken feels that it has had a positive effect on her channel. Her views skyrocketed as the lockdowns and restrictions drove more people online looking for a distraction.

She states that more people were at home watching YouTube because of the significant lockdowns and quarantines. This, in turn, enhanced her YouTube career.

Now Ken’s future is looking bright. Her channel is expanding, and she’s eager to branch out and join the beauty industry.

She has big dreams and aims to create a cosmetic line. There’s also a possible clothing line on the horizon. These are all earmarked to start in 2022.

As Ken puts it, ‘anyone can be a YouTuber,’ but some may still find themselves stuck and not know where to start.

Ken has put up a video on Dre and Ken Empire channel. This is where she promotes Skillshare, which offers classes on how to get your channel started. And the great thing about it is that she’s helping to create the next generation of YouTube stars.

It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

When she was asked what she would tell upcoming influencers trying to make it as YouTubers, her advice was to; “Stay consistent and always be yourself. As so many people will try to tear you down, even about the smallest things. But, always keep your head on straight and continue to be great. Ignore all the negativity”.

These are great words to live by!

We’re optimistic that Ken will continue to grow and thrive as she embraces the enormous opportunities of being a YouTube star.

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