African American Artist Launches The Next Big NFT Project

One of the currently most anticipated digital art projects is coming from Ryan Robinson, better known as Rhabbitz. The digital creative is a well-known name, especially in the music industry. With his ‘Bunny Buddies’ NFT launch, fans can finally own a piece of the artist.

Pop culture’s greats all have turned to Robinson at least at one point in the last decade. Whether it’s Juice WRLD, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage or Playboi Carti, the list is as long as high profile. Now stepping into the spotlight himself, Rhabbitz is releasing his life work dedicated to the duality of life, approach the important topic of mental health.

As one of the most important African American digital artists on the front foot of the industry, Robinson is known to capture the spirit of the times. He does so again by approaching the topic of mental health in a playful way in his collection.

The 8888 hand-drawn ‘Bunny Buddies’ are a collection of NFTs exclusively available for Robinson’s fans and digital art collectors all over the world. The NFTs are integrated into the Ethereum blockchain, prepared to take over the Metaverse.

8888 Pieces Of Pop-Culture

Fans and art lovers are able to find a piece they personally identify with and become the new owner. The ‘Bunny Buddies’ are also of high collectability, given that future projects of the artist will only happen on even bigger stages.

The digital creative also announced a follow-up launch of 20 limited ‘Legendary Bunnies’, with a selection of major public figures and celebrities already in line to get their hands on the very exclusive pieces. The special follow-up is just as interesting for owners of the main collection, as every owner will have the chance to randomly mint one of the ‘Legendary Bunnies’.

All pieces are designed by Rhabbitz and express a wide range of personalities in combination with modern aesthetics. Robinson explains the creative process behind the pieces:

I like the balance of cute with semi-realistic aesthetics: make it bright but also have a sense of realism that’s why all the bunnies are half black.That’s how my life is. I’m a guy that has a bright side and a dark side like everyone and I like to use both in my creative process

Why The Bunny Buddies Are So Highly Anticipated

There’s countless digital collections being dropped every day in 2022, so what makes a launch one to keep your eyes on, what pieces are must-haves? Rhabbitz is a notable artist with a large following and strong ties to some of pop & hip-hop’s modern icons. His pieces have been part of music history, and his collection is set to have its say in modern art history.

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