African American Rapper MrWalkinLick Plans to Take the Nigerian Music Industry by Storm

The Nigerian Music industry has seen a lot of growth in the past few years, and we’ve been very excited to see the way a lot of newcomers have started to grow and reach new heights in the entire industry. That’s what MrWalkinLick managed to do, and he continues to stand out thanks to his great lyrics and amazing rapping skills.

Becoming a great rapper nowadays is not that easy, since there’s quite a lot of competition. But the truth is that people like MrWalkinLick are born with these skills, so it’s easy for them to show off all these amazing skills to others in a rather rewarding and powerful manner. The truth is that every song created by MrWalkinLick recently has been very well received, and that led to some rather lucrative situations for him in the entire industry.

The Rapper CEO

Yes, MrWalkinLick is not only a great rapper, but he has his own record label named Stack Money Entertainment where he is the CEO. He also has the nickname king, most likely related to his industry success and the fact that he worked really hard to achieve all these things and he never gave up, regardless of the challenges that he had to face. It’s great to learn from something like him, because a lot of people have talent, yet they give up.

MrWalkinLick was not like that. He started rapping ever since he was 14 and he always loved the idea of expressing himself through music. It was something unique, different and very creative. He knew right from the start that he wanted something different, engaging and fun. Which is why he continually pushed the boundaries in a proficient and powerful manner. It really goes to show that if you have a passion for what you do and always try to bring in a new perspective, chances are that you might be able to achieve what you have in mind.

Success Comes to Those Who Persevere

That doesn’t mean MrWalkinLick had only great times in the industry. All the rappers know that there can be some challenges along the way. But you need to continue creating and sharing your music. He attended a lot of schools in Miami before eventually going back to Nigeria. He created a Rick Ross Hustlin remix in 2006, and that remix got a lot of attention and buzz for him. Not only that, he is not on many blogs in Nigeria.

On top of that, he was featured on most of the important Nigerian TV stations like MTV Base Africa, Planet TV Radio, Trace TV, Hip TV, Sound City Africa and many others. His main focus is to create music that’s easy to connect with people, while always bringing in a lot of creativity and exciting ideas into the mix. The truth is that there are always challenges that might arise, but even if you fail for a bit, you need to continue working on your dream. That’s what MrWalkinLick did, and as you can see he managed to reach success.

Interesting, Unique Songs

Why is MrWalkinLick so popular in the Nigerian music industry right now? His main focus is to try and bring in a lot of new ideas that you just can’t find in any other artist’s music. Even if MrWalkinLick was quite popular already in some regions, it was his 2019 single named Splashing on Purpose that really managed to break the boundaries and bring his music to a lot of new people. It’s amazing, and it does bring in a lot of extraordinary success.

Another thing that makes MrWalkinLick unique and popular is the fact that he has a very popular style. He connects with people at a very personal level, showing that success can arise from everywhere and everyone has the potential to reach it. His style is entrenched into the idea of community, being able to care for one another, while also following your dreams and the things you always wanted to achieve. It’s amazing and it does tend to make a massive difference.

His music brings more confidence in people, it encourages them to push themselves and achieve what they have in mind. That’s not always easy to do, so having this type of opportunity can indeed make a huge difference. Of course there can be some interesting options to consider, but at the end of the day it all comes down to happiness, doing what is right and constantly trying to surpass all your expectations.

Success Doesn’t Come Easy

MrWalkinLick is a clear example of that. Yes, it might seem easy for people that already have success to show it, but reaching that point is hard. MrWalkinLick is a clear example of that, because he worked very hard with others and even pushed other people to success on his own. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to understanding what you want to achieve, how you want to do that and what obstacles you will need to go through. It’s not a simple approach, but one that has the potential to really change your life in a rewarding manner.

Of course, MrWalkinLick continually creates new music that helps him share his ideas and sentiments regarding all kinds of topics. He understands that it’s important for people to share the way they feel and talk with others.

MrWalkinLick continues to impress with his heartfelt and unique songs, and he has become a staple of the hip hop industry in Nigeria. He is a great entrepreneur too, since his record label has managed to grow quite a lot in the past few years. It’s incredible to see all the growth and value brought to the table by the industry, and MrWalkinLick is able to surpass even the wildest expectations. It’s amazing, and a great insight towards the future. There are many things to learn from MrWalkinLick, including the fact that he always learns from mistakes and he only has the best intentions in regards to helping people and pushing themselves to the limit!

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