AI Takeover with James DiMeo and Kelly Boesch

The AI takeover has begun, and people like James DiMeo and Kelly Boesch are so far ahead you WILL be left in the dust. But it’s not because of AI, but rather the individuals that know how to use it. 

Originally a graphic designer and video editor, Kelly has worked on everything from Music Videos to graphic designs in the Healthcare industry. She even worked at IMAX for 17 years. Previously, Kelly spent hours filming and editing content and AI has changed all that. She can create imaginative and beautiful video content from the screen of her smart phone. Animations that used to take weeks has been paired down to minutes. The results have been eye opening. Her recent video on imagined birds has now garnered a stunning 23.4 million Views on TikTok


Made some beautiful #ai birds. Tried to make some that don’t exist but who knows if they do. There are so many diffent types of birds. I guess i could ask David Attenborough lol. The color and detail in these in insane. And the depth of focus in #midjourneyv6 is gorgeous. #fyp #ai #aiart #ainature #aivideo #aibirds

♬ Meditation BGM with water and birds – Kenji Kageyama


The CTO of GeN3 Magazine, James DiMeo, is another trailblazer in this industry. With a background in web applications and development, James stumbled into the world of AI a few years ago and never looked back. The creative tools and automation hooked him. In one of his most recent projects, James created activations for GeN3 magazine, bringing photographs to life of the page and even making the cover shot speak to readers right off the page.

Like most, Kelly started with a F&ck around and Find out attitude when approaching AI. She saw amazing images on Instagram and just wanted to learn how to do it. Working her way up from Midjourney, she quickly adopted Runway ML as soon as it was released. They put her in the creative partners program so she could have unlimited access to develop her breathtaking creations. She also has a host of tutorials that have helped expand the user base of the ecosystem. 

As a programmer, James first discovered AI with an online service called Replicate, a suite of diffusion tools written in python. This led him down several rabbit holes, and before he knew it he was using Stable Diffusion and a host of other magical tools. Then he discovered the ability to manipulate existing content and James said, “I almost felt like I was behind the curtain and I could control everything and make it my own.” Now, James is constantly scouring the web for new tools and new journeys to follow in the world of AI. One of note was Adobe Firefly. James praised its ability to fill in the blanks and even the fun aspect of being able to change family photos and give those frowning kids a smile.

Returning to GeN3 Magazine, James said, “Right now, we’re trying to make a transition between the physical paper and embracing technology that exists today. And for the first issue of GeN3, I animated the cover and I made Brian come alive and talk to you.” Through the use of the various AI tools, James has been able to take a still image and bring it to life right of the page. “I think it’s going to be pretty exciting when people can pick up a magazine or look at an advertisement on the side of a store and it speaks directly to them on a personal level and they get to experience it rather than just reading a phone number or scanning something.” 

Kelly and James both agree the next step in AI will be in film. Kelly has already been producing short films using in AI. “I think it’s going to become its own format,” Kelly noted. The advent of AI generated films is upon us, and it will eventually create its own genre. 

There are different ways to manipulate movement in images using tools like Runway. Kelly explained you can use a number setting of 1-10 with 1 being the least amount of movement. Oftentimes she doesn’t even know what the AI is going to spit out but her results have proven to be a fan favorite on her many social media channels. She uses the other tools like Pan and Zoom, but it’s often the numbers that get her results that lead to the wildly engaging content that has been taking off online.

Each image generating app has its own look and while she defaults to MidJourney, Kelly definitely jumps around to get results. Kelly recently started exploring DeForm, that excels at morphing, and also DallE for her videos and the HIp Hop vibe. 

ComfyUI is a node-based interface “that takes all the power of stable diffusion and allows you to manipulate imagery, create animations, synchronize music, all in sort of a drag and drop and connect the dots kind of way, and you can literally make any workflow to whatever needs you have,” James added. James also is a fan of creating his own tools using GPT4. This tool he called, awesome visuals, takes an image and then takes it apart and provides the prompt that a computer would understand to recreate that image. He then takes that prompt to MidJourney and that application has a better understanding of what the goal is. In this way, AI experts share learning how to use the different tools against each other to see where the best image can be created. 

So, what’s next for these two in AI?

Kelly is thrilled by the options in filmmaking and will continue to explore that realm. James is continuing to level up the marketing possibilities by exploring the potential of AI/AR in traditional media outlets like GeN3 Magazine and more. 

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