Akshay Sharnagat: The Man of the Future With a Better World!

With a motivation of doing what he loves and a desire to help the world change for the better, Akshay Sharnagat has paved the way for himself and inching closer to his dreams and goals. Born in Balaghat and brought up in the greenest city of India, Bhopal, Akshay aims to make the world a better place for everyone to live in.

His one dream in life is to make people free financially as much as he can, with his efforts. The second rank holder at the Ethical hacking competition held at IIT Guwahati for Virus Making, he has a keen interest in developing. Studying Civil Engineering in the prestigious institute of Lakshmi Narain College of Technology in Bhopal, and founder of digitalkongo.com, He looks forward to creating and developing useful practical and utilitarian objects and techs.

He works as a developer and a sales funnel expert, trying his best to bring qualities in the lives of as many as possible. Motivated by his desires he mentor’s kids around in achieving their dreams and providing the best for the future of the world. His main hobbies include finding vulnerabilities and loopholes in the systems and sales. Inspired by the King of Bollywood, He aims to be the king of the developers and create articles that will benefit society and help them in living a standard life.

Believing in caring for things that no one cares about and solving problems that people overlook, he is fueled by his passion to do nothing but the best. With the motto “Hasta la Victoria Siempre” which is translated to “To victory always” He aims to be just the best. With consistency as his key, he aims to keep working hard for financial freedom, irrespective of whatever condition he be in.

A digital Nomad, and crazy about a better society, AkshaySharnagat strives to make the country the finest one and influence and educate people to do the same. His one message to the crowd is for each of them to bring out the best in themselves utilising it for the betterment of society.

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