Alexander Feldmann on Why Discerning Couples Want A Wedding Host By Their Side

Alexander Feldmann is a successful wedding host and organizer from Hannover, Germany. He shows prospective brides and grooms ways to plan, organize and execute a perfect event. His catchment area is the world. His goal is to popularize wedding facilitation among broad masses. Because every wedding counts.

Admittedly, 2020 was not a good year for the events industry worldwide. To be honest it was a pretty hard year. But let’s remember the old good times, where each of us danced at up to 5 weddings a year. How often have you noticed that these were not 100% coherent or even poorly organized? The reason is simple: couples follow the DIY trend and try to manage the impossible. Why go through so much stress if you can do it differently? The big secret of some celebrity weddings has been revealed and it is called “wedding moderation”.

Wedding host, wedding speaker for the Free Wedding and Tamada. How is it called properly?

So, the correct name of the profession is wedding host. Many colleagues do not get used to the word Tamada. Although this word has become common in Europe, it does not represent what a modern wedding moderator is all about. In the professional moderator circle, the word tamada is avoided. A wedding moderator can perform the duties of a wedding speaker for the Free Wedding, if it is desired by the bride and groom, since probably every professional wedding moderator is trained as a wedding speaker.

By the way: in England the wedding host is called “The Toastmaster”, in America “The Wedding Host” or “MC” (Master of Ceremonies), in Germany “Der Hochzeitsmoderator” and in France “Maitre de ceremonie”. So, this profession is present in almost every western wedding culture and has been for centuries.

What is #notamada? What is the meaning of this name?

Professional predecessors, which, by the way, still exist on the market, have unfortunately misused the word tamada, presenting absurd games and sometimes embarrassing entertainment elements in the context of a wedding. They only push through the program without of being able to adapt to the circumstances. In this way, they gave the word Tamada a negative touch. NoTamada is a statement against the “old school”. It’s exactly the opposite of what people imagine Tamada to be. Yet modern weddings are not just about games or entertainment. It’s about the general mood, atmosphere and relaxed Lifestyle. You don’t build up the pressure, you take it off and make sure, that every guest can enjoy the evening together with the bride and groom. The evening is structurally supported and spontaneous professional response to any changes, Alexander Feldmann says.

We are talking explicitly about a “modern” wedding moderation. What can the bridal couple and also the guests expect when a modern wedding host guides them through the day?

A modern wedding host is much more of an idea generator in the preparation phase and a manager during the wedding. In the absence of a wedding planner, the wedding host takes the lead during the evening. He acts in the interest of the bride and groom and is an executive force at the service of the bride and groom. In the run-up to the event, the couple, in close cooperation with the moderator, creates a fixed schedule and develops program elements. The moderator makes sure that everything goes as the bride and groom wish. He observes the guests as well as the atmosphere and makes spontaneous decisions together with the couple in case any point has to be brought forward or even omitted. In the end, the couple can sit back and enjoy the evening. Both can concentrate on more important things, because they know there is someone who takes care of everything and intervenes professionally if necessary. Internal management is an indispensable prerequisite of a successful event and the primary task of a wedding host.

What about entertainment?

Above all, this should be very individual. You finally have to understand one thing: Wedding games from the net aren´t great! “Musical chairs” is a kindergarten amusement and has nothing to do with the wedding. Believe me, no one is interested in such entertainment. No guest will find fault with it out of politeness. But did they enjoy being there? It remains to be seen. But it looks quite different if an entertainment element is adapted to the interests of the couple. Alexander Feldmann illustrates the point with an example: if the groom is a lawyer, for example, there will most likely be other lawyers or employees from the “justicia industry” among the guests. So, here we have a potential theme with the help of which we can pick up an equal number of guests. If you create a new, previously non-existent game based on interesting or funny laws from all over the world, you will have the healthy interest of the audience there at once. After all, the guests are familiar with the material. It would be a great idea to implement this topic into the evening by talking about countries that have curious laws. Everyone is laughing because they are having fun. You have struck a chord with the audience with a new game. And that’s what counts. Of course, this requires extensive preparation. A professional wedding host will be happy to deal with it.

40% of the time is spent coordinating the wedding – huge relief for the couple.

Coordination and internal management is very important for any type of event. The hosts just want to sit back and enjoy themselves on this day. At the end of the day, they have been working towards this day for many months. Unfortunately, in reality, neither the bride nor the groom has any time to chill during their own wedding. The photographer is asking questions all the time, the service forces disturb constantly with their questions, the DJ must be instructed and, and, and… The couple wants to spend time with family and friends. A thing that doesn’t happen in everyday life to often. Even with a perfect planning, questions, changes and as a consequence the need for action from the host arise. Why doing all this when putting the coordination tasks in the hands of a professional? It is good to know that the wedding host will take care of everything. Thus, he takes over a huge portion of work and relieves the bride and groom and the witnesses, Feldmann points out.

Wedding moderation is breaking out of its celebrity niche and is finally establishing itself worldwide. Seek a conversation with a local or international provider and get advice. The initial consultation is usually free of charge.

Celebrate great weddings at last! You and your family deserve it!

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