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Aman Saha Bursts Digital Marketing Myths As He Continues Striking Excellence

Saha’s excellence, patience, and determination in achieving his goal made him successful.

Pursuing affiliate marketing as a profession still raises multiple eyebrows in a country like India. It is often not considered worthy and safe enough for a career. Bursting all such myths, a young online marketer from Kolkata named Aman Saha is making rounds over the internet for his brilliance and sheer expertise in this field. Besides a giant annual income from affiliate marketing, he is also the founder of ‘FiamForum’, PVAcodes, Bot24x, Mailtruck, and so on. All these online services render help to the budding affiliate marketers.

Saha started his journey in online marketing only when he was 16. He initially started as a web developer and designer for a company called Fiverr. With his excellent SEO techniques, he helped to increase traffic on websites. But soon, he moved to affiliate marketing as he believed that he was himself designed to do something big in life and only working on the web won’t fulfill it. This one decision changed his entire life! To sustain and be successful in the affiliate industry was not a day or two’s job, but Saha’s excellence, patience, and determination in achieving his goal made him successful and one of the youngest stalwarts in this industry. Saha says that “no one reaches the desired target in a day or a month, so we should keep on striving for success till we achieve it.”

The field of Affiliate Marketing has opened many windows for small and big businesses to flourish. Especially in this pandemic, when everyone is looking for a decent job, the symbiotic nature of this stream has helped many. Saha believes that anyone can make it big in this industry if they have the determination and patience to do so. This marketing guruji is very active on his Instagram handle. Young affiliate marketers who are looking to build their career in this field always awaits some amazing details from him.


Written by Alexander Maxwell

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Maxwell Digitals, based in California.

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