Amanda Boleyn Shares Her 5 Hot Tips To Get Your Podcast Started For Free

The podcasting landscape has boomed over the past couple of years, and that surge in popularity has been reshaping the landscape of online media, with so many opportunities for passionate creatives to launch their ideas and ride the wave.

What was once considered a super niche hobby is now a media mainstay, and the time is riper than ever if you want to have your voice heard.

Especially during the isolating times of COVID, people are searching for something and someone to connect with, relate to, and learn from. Podcasts fill this role because you can be part of an intimate, inspiring conversation, a banter-filled jam session, or a knowledge-packed masterclass with the click of a button!

There’s so much potential for podcasts to connect to people, and the barrier to entry for starting your own podcast is so low, anyone could do it; if you have a microphone, an idea and a voice, you have a podcast!

Amanda Boleyn is the founder and host of She Did It Her Way, a podcast and platform that teaches women how to start, scale and succeed in building a business from scratch, making the leap from corporate cubicle to self-built boss.

She Did It Her Way initially launched as a podcast in 2015, and has grown to become internationally recognized as one of the top resources for female entrepreneurs aspiring to take their passion to the next level.

She Did It Her Way has consistently been consistently ranked by publications such as, Forbes,, Huffington Post and more, with over 2.8 million downloads to date.

Amanda has helped hundreds of women grow their businesses and mobilize their passions through her own services, and has inspired countless others with the 6+ years of weekly podcast content she’s created for her audience.

It’s safe to say Amanda knows a thing or two about starting a podcast, and she’s provided some easily digestible tips to demonstrate how simple it can be to launch your own podcast!

5 Hot Tips For Launching Your Podcast

  • Knowing Your Ideal Listener

Just like standard market research practices, identifying your target audience and understanding the challenges they face (and how you can help them) is essential to the growth of your podcast. Creating that virtual profile of your ideal audience and comparing it to your own strengths will help to give you a visual target and focus you can aim for when creating your podcasts.

  • Creating Your Content Calendar

Plan ahead for the first 6 episodes of your podcast. You can decide things like if they’re going to be solocast shows, interviews in advance so that you’re prepared for when it’s time to record and you aren’t left scratching your head searching for topics to cover!

  • Recording Your Audio

You don’t need some massive professional studio setup to record your podcast. Free programs like Audacity and Zoom are perfect tools to get the job done. Learn the basics of these apps and then just spend some time recording and becoming comfortable behind the microphone. The technical stuff will come with time, what’s important is capturing your message!

  • Prepping Your Show Notes

You can decide to write your own show notes, or invest in a software tool like that will save you hours of your time and can create easily shareable smart notes for your podcasts. You can use a tool like this for all sorts of useful applications like turning an on-the-go voice memo into a written note you can come back to later.

  • Creating Graphic Art For Your Show

Apps like Canva are incredible for creating artwork for not only your show, but all of your promotional materials. You don’t have to be some epic graphic designer with a degree in Photoshop for this stuff. You can create some professional looking graphics with the ease of a few swipes!

You can check out the treasure of episodes for Amanda’s podcast She Did It Her Way through all podcast streaming platforms; Stitcher, iTunes and Spotify. If you’re looking to level up your side hustle, connect with Amanda Boleyn through her website, or on social media platforms Instagram and Facebook today!

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