AMFA Beauty- The Brand Which Makes you Attractive From Inside out

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AMFA Beauty- promoting beauty in multi-ethnicity through their products:

Established in 2018 by Awa Mballo Tall, AMFA Beauty is a Sengalese brand that offers an African option on the makeup and beauty market. Through AMFA Beauty, Awa Mballo Tall celebrates multi-ethnic and enduring excellence that adjusts to such temperaments.

“I needed to make a brand that incorporates all that I am, for my entire life. As an African lady, dynamic, current and great about herself, it is fundamental that AMFA Excellence ingrains a sensation of trust to permit my customers to likewise feel in charge paying little mind to the conditions. ” Awa Mballo Tall said.

Devoted to the upsides of incorporation and the craving to feature African Beauty in the entirety of its variety, AMFA Excellence offers quality items appropriate for all environments even the most noteworthy temperatures, profound lively shadings and this at reasonable costs.

The AMFA Beauty minimal powder has been created to cover the face with a characteristic cloak that impeccably disguises defects without burdening the impact and effectively adjusts to all environments, even the most noteworthy. Accessible in eight shades for an adaptable, matte appearance and a noticeably smoothed skin surface for 8 hours.

AMFA Beauty Enlightening Powder will assist you with getting cheekbones and a conscious look. Apply its velvety equation along the eyelids or lips to give them a warm shine. It is accessible in three shades: Enormous Glitz Gold, Large Glitz Pink and Huge Glitz Silver and are thought to fit consummately to the composition and upgrade the regular brilliance.

The AMFA Beauty eyeshadow ranges contain pearlescent and metallic shades however unique as they may be shifted somewhere between cream and powder for durable hold and exceptionally simple mixing. They are intended to be worn alone or in a mix with different eyeshadows, making a bunch of various excellence improvements.

The six eyeshadow ranges Shimmer Tone, Shimmer Gold, Summer Dream, African Dream, Beauty queen and Miracle will promise you extraordinary and finished delivering in a solitary application.

The AMFA Beauty shine has a durable fluid equation that covers the mouth with a strong shade in a solitary pass. Its smooth analgesic surface is entirely agreeable to wear. The material is effortlessly applied on the skin without staying utilizing the sloped implement.

Its fine vegetable oil known for its sustaining properties ensures solace and hydration. A changing selection of tones as lively as one another joins to give your mouth a tasty and sparkly appearance.

Roused by the author’s family ancestry, the extravagance of Senegalese excellence and the variety of the skin tones of Africa, AMFA Beauty needs to meet the assumptions for an adaptable, courageous and stylish demographic.

On account of examination and development, AMFA Beauty has set up itself as the forerunner in make-up in the nation of Teranga. You can expect a lot more from them, so make sure to follow AMFA Beauty on their:



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