Amira Arora, Builtbygirls Future Founders’ Track Finalist, Plans to Expand Platform, Recognized by Michelle Obama, To India

Amira Arora, a youth activist and a student at The University of Southern California opened up about what she envisions to do in 2021 in order to empower women in India to have access to strong mentorship, education, opportunities, and resources that could aid them in their personal and professional growth.

A Future Founders’ Track Finalist in the 2016 AOL #BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge, launched by the former President and First Lady, Michelle Obama, Arora strongly believes that age or gender should not be a deciding factor for assessing the potential or capability in an individual. The ongoing gender disparity, particularly in India, has encouraged the activist to use her voice to stand up for a cause which is extremely close to her heart.

Amira Arora shared, “Growing up in the United States, I was blessed to receive a strong educational foundation and an ample amount of opportunities to strengthen myself as an individual – from the inside and out.

I was provided with the resources to unfold my true potential and break the societal barriers surrounding me – telling me to stop and give up on my dreams within seconds. As an Indian-American, my aim is to utilize what I have gained for the betterment of others. That is what I feel would give my soul true, eternal satisfaction.”

#BUILTBYGIRLS, a platform recognized by Michelle Obama, prepares female and non-binary students to step boldly into careers powered by technology. In 2016, Obama worked with the #BUILTBYGIRLS platform to launch the Let Girls Build Challenge, through which Amira Arora, a Finalist, was able to pitch her idea along with her team in front of tech moguls and changemakers.

Currently, #BUILTBYGIRLS is not actively running in India and Arora would like to bring the initiative to her motherland. She is passionate about helping women in India explore career possibilities, develop coveted skills, and build their own network of industry leaders, and gradually, decrease the gender disparity in the nation.

Arora believes that if one is blessed with a skill, talent, or opportunity in their life that has impacted them in a positive way, there could be nothing better than to pass that along to another individual in need. Amira Arora is confident that if #BUILTBYGIRLS is expanded to India, it  would have an unimaginable, incredible impact. The student activist is looking forward to working on the initiative in the coming months.

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