Amplify on Empowering Fitness Professionals in the Midst of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 created a new normal, one where people from all walks of life had to adjust to restrictions, novel routines, and a long list of considerations. Additionally, it has forced not only individuals but also entire industries to change the way they operate. In particular, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and other go-getters who previously only relied on traditional means have found themselves facing the pressure to learn how to dominate the online space to stay afloat.

Deeply aware that many were left unprepared and are currently lacking the skill set needed to scale their businesses properly, Amplify has made it its mission to empower coaches and professionals in the fitness space to continue earning a living and serving their communities. 

Established by James Quigley, Amplify is a highly recognized company that provides mentorship, guidance, and a blueprint for success for coaches in over nine different countries. It operates under the recognition that the global lockdowns have pushed many professionals toward a space that they may not be adept in and intimately familiar with.

Given that coaching in the fitness and wellness space is inherently challenging, dealing with the complications that come with pivoting into the online space could prove to be a nightmare for some, so this powerhouse specializes in simplifying businesses for entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best. 

At the helm of Amplify is a fitness authority whose expertise in the field has allowed him to establish a name. Based out of Texas, James Quigley is a business mentor boasting over eighteen years in the industry. His own experiences fuel his efforts in enabling success for other go-getters as he discovered a passion for fitness after going through some of the most challenging times of his life. Today, cognizant that there are those in need of a guiding hand, he is going the extra mile to make it possible for others to translate their personal and professional visions into reality.

Banking on technology and maximizing its potential, Amplify is building a global community and working with coaches all over the world. It takes pride in having established connections and nurtured relationships with coaches in countries such as the US, Canada, Kuwait, UK, Dubai, Australia, and Germany. On top of equipping those under its wing with the tools they need to meet their financial objectives, it also emphasizes the importance of partnering with causes and charity organizations in order to make a more significant impact. 

On track to the summit of the industry, Amplify is proving to be a force. As it continues carving a path toward the forefront as a premier coaching agency, it plans to help more coaches take a leadership approach to their business and adopt a more proactive role even in areas that they are not good at, including sales, media, marketing, operations, and more. With its commitment to its client and dedication toward making success possible for professionals in the fitness realm, this brainchild of James Quigley is bound to reach greater heights in the coming years.


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