Amplify Your Voice with the Coacher

People in various professions are struggling to effectively communicate with masks and social distancing guidelines. Robert N. Reed Jr. knows this struggle well. He’s a real estate broker, former teacher, and basketball coach. The coacher is a wireless headset and waist amplifier capable of someone’s voice up to 500 square feet away with clarity. 

We’ve seen professionals in every industry struggle with communication. “Then, I thought about my own career and past experiences using my voice,” Reed explains. “It’s always been a strain to speak loud and clear for that long, and now with masks and distancing, we need something that will project our voices. The device is beneficial for coaches, trainers, teachers, public speakers, or anyone that uses their voice for a living.”

Showing Real Estate Properties

Reed illustrates how the Coacher is used to show homes. “Going through a home, clients and I can safely enter and social distance with our masks and still communicate, Reed explains. “I can explain everything the house has to offer as we make our way through each room. Clients have told me how wonderful it is to hear the details about a home they are interested in. This is how potential buyers make decisions.” 

Coach Tracy Dildy Endorses the Coacher

Assistant coach Tracy Dildy of the Detroit Mercy University saw the Coacher device and was interested in a demo because his voice was taking a beating after projecting it through a mask. He is a legend, so I was happy to demonstrate the device.

I was blown away when I saw the device,” Dildy says. “I work with other coaches and I’m excited about how clear it makes my voice. This would’ve saved so many voices. Every coach needs this. I travel around and I see this with other coaches. This is perfect for social distancing and respecting the social distance guidelines. It’s better than a microphone and bullhorn. Professors need this as well. It’s so versatile and people in every profession can use it.

Protecting Our Teachers 

Speaking of teachers and professors, this profession is very susceptible with so many kids and teens in one building. “I definitely want to protect our teachers and children,” Reed says. “Teachers have told me they have to try and soothe their voice at the end of every day. It’s tough and I empathize because I was a teacher, and I know how much you have to repeat yourself. Every instruction has to be repeated a few times.” 

Reed adds, “Professors have to give lectures that are sometimes an hour or two long. Not only is that rough on the professor, but students can’t hear the message. This is going to affect a students’ ability to understand the content.”

The Service Industry

“The service industry is another one where I see people struggle,” Reed says. “If you’ve ever waited tables, then you know how crucial it is that you listen and takedown orders correctly. Not to mention the fact that servers are trying to enhance the guests’ experience, so they need to be heard when they explain specials and how food is prepared. Servers depend on tips, so communication is an essential part of making sure they are paid.” 

Following the CDC guidelines is crucial for people to stay well and continue working. Accepting this new normal doesn’t have to limit us. Using your voice for a living can be taxing, but the coacher is going to save you from straining it day in and day out. You can speak at a comfortable volume without moving the mask.

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