An Extensive Utilization of Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Brand

So many people struggle with IG hashtags. Most of them either don’t know how to use them for their brand or they just underestimate their potential. So, why are hashtags so pivotal on Instagram? They are your secret success ingredient.

As a platform, Instagram’s search capabilities are pretty limited. One of the best methods to enable users to discover you on IG and promote your content is to implement hashtags. These marvelous things allow you to surface in various searches for your followers/target audience. More people can then find your content.

If you’re using hashtags to gain prominence, there are three areas of IG content where you can use them. These are IG Stories, feed posts, and IGTV. However, they do have some limitations as well.

  • In an IG feed post, you can use 30 hashtags in the comment or caption to propel a rank-wise search. Do remember that any hashtags beyond that limit won’t manifest in a search.
  • For IG stories, you can implement three hashtags. You can implement one hashtag sticker or place three within a text a box.
  • For IGTV, it’s the same as feed posts. You can use 30 hashtags in your video description.

To see a hashtag search result, you need to tap on the search icon and type in the concerned hashtag you wish to see in the search bar.

Generating Likes With Hashtags

Instagram is a fantastic marketing platform wherein e-commerce buffs and entrepreneurs can boost their brand and grow their online business. Although you have reliable sites like Gramista to grow followers and likes in an organic manner, hashtags will help you sustain that.

  • Basically, IG hashtags are singular words, or a cluster of words. You mark it with a hash symbol, #, and use it in your comments section or post’s description.
  • The main objective of hashtags is to help the platform categorize and organize content. They help Instagram to present appropriate content and materials to the right users.
  • If you’re a frequenter to social media, you ought to know the hashtag modality. Many of you might have even used them without unlocking them to their optimum potential.
  • Instagram hashtags serve multiple purposes. It helps you gain more likes and followers. Users who are interested in a specific field are more likely to search for related hashtags.
  • When you incorporate them in your content, you will give your users a chance to access your material and discover more about your business in the long run. That’s why it’s a great idea to integrate the best IG hashtags for likes.
  • You can track your hashtag success as well. If you have a business profile, you can implement the post insights for measuring your hashtag viability.
  • Hashtags in your Stories and Bio bolster your presence to a great extent. When you add them to your profile, its searchability increases in the Search and Explore page.

Growing Your Audience

Hashtags can put you in the loop with industry trends. If you’re hunting for the latest industry stuff, trending hashtags can be your best tool. Whether it’s your fellow brands or target audience, hashtags can knit you with and clue you in on popular buzzes.

  • When you follow tags consistently, you can keep a close eye on market movements and competitors.
  • You can know what others are saying about your own business.
  • There are sites that provide robust analytics tools, making it easier to monitor and implement hashtags that relate to your competitors and your brand.

Additionally, you have social listening, which is a stunning feature to make sure that your brand-specific hashtags focus exclusively on positive interactions and mentions. Industry-specific and community hashtags are the best ones as they speak the language of your customers.

There are endless beauty and fashion-specific hashtags that speak to a niche audience. Similarly, a health or fitness brand/company with a predominantly make demographic might get more success with hashtags pertaining to male fitness.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Simply looking for industry-driven hashtags may not make your photos reach your target audience. Your brand image or disposition doesn’t guarantee that your followers are looking for the same hashtag modality. For example, if you’re brand specializing in paint, just using hashtags like #paintfeel and #businesspassion won’t suffice.

  • You need to dig deeper into your audience’s needs and still relate to the content you’re posting.
  • If you’re using a hashtag just for tapping into an audience san having any relevance to the picture, it might lead to the opposite of what you’re aiming for.
  • Such efforts become incredibly untrustworthy and spammy, which is catastrophic for your brand.
  • Proceeding with the paint-brand example, if you’re posting a picture about someone painting a photo, you can implement hashtags that underline paint tools, location, artists, the photo’s interior design, and the shades in the photo.
  • It doesn’t always depend on your photo either. Businesses can tailor their hashtags to match their target audience’s voice.
  • If they prefer a more flexible and relaxed approach, you must use stuff like #mondaymusings, #throwback Thursday, #splendid Sundays etc. A lot many people actually follow this type of hashtags as they are simple, common, and universal in appeal.
  • It can increase the reach of your posts.

Some Popular Hashtags

The most popular and proven IG hashtags for brands can boost your engagement. High customer or follower engagement on the platform also shows that it will start displaying posts and content to more people. That’s how IG determines good or bad content.

  • Hashtags for small business are #online business, #homebusiness, #startupbusiness, and #startupstory.
  • For entrepreneurs, you can use hashtags such as #businessowner, #smallbusinessowner, #businessowners, #beyourownboss, #startups, #entrepreneurial, and #bestentrepreneurs for Instagram.
  •  If you are a woman in business, hashtags like #femaleentrepreneur, #ladyboss, #womensupportingwomen, #womenempowerment, #womeninbusiness, #bosschick, #womenpower, and #wahm.
  • For bloggers, you can use #contentmarketing, #inboundmarketing, #blogginggals, #blogginglife, and #bloggingcommunity.

For marketing honchos or aspirants, there are other hashtags. Likewise, you have viable and vibrant hashtags for social media, motivation, quotes, education, leadership, networking, creativity, and lifestyle and networking.

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