An Inspiring and Multi-talented Artist: Benjamin Aragbaye

Renaissance means rebirth. It refers to a period in European civilization marked by a revival of classical learning and wisdom. An example could be the description of the style of the Mona Lisa, a famous painting.

Another example of the new day renaissance is Benjamin Aragbaye (Benni Ola). He is an actor, musical artist, poet, and writer. Benni believes in the story and uses multiple mediums to get that across. ‘Story-telling is how we connect. It’s how we understand history and ourselves. It’s so important that we never forget that.’ marks Aragbaye.

The key to Benjamin’s success in the field of art

Benjamin believes that one of the biggest keys to success is his absolute trust and faith in his work. Benni also feels that he is born for the work that he currently does. He says that he doesn’t falter as he has dealt with it earlier, and it doesn’t lead him anywhere. ‘I know that I’m doing this for a reason bigger than me, so it clears a lot of the noise and anxiety.’ says Aragbaye.

Mistakes that taught something valuable to Benni Ola

Benjamin admits that getting in his way has been a mistake that life has taught him. ‘I look back and think about so many times I got in my way because of doubt.’ says Aragbaye. He looks back at the ignorance in his past decisions and wants to thank God that he learned from them.

The inspiration behind Benjamin’s work

Benni believes that his daughter is the sole inspiration behind his work. He says that there was so much clarity to life when he had a kid a few years back. Benjamin had to ask himself if he wanted to do it or not.

‘If you are not going to do it, then get off. But if this is what you want to do, then get serious and get serious now.’ spoke Aragbaye to himself. He believes in moving in a manner that propels one forward and helps them ignore the noise.

A life-changing moment in Aragbaye’s career

Benjamin feels that it is a difficult question to answer because his career is not over yet, and he knows there is so much more to come. However, a life-changing moment that Benni has experienced so far is his most recent commercial, having his work broadcasted to millions and being on the back end seeing the calls and actual impact.


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