An Interview with Chiara Magni, An Artist Capable of Crafting Surreal Animal Paintings

Magni was born in Italy in 1988 to parents Luca Magni and Loretta Podavini. Magni has always been drawn to the arts and has sought innovative methods to express herself since she was a child. When she was nine years old, she created her first oil painting.

Magni enrolled in Art School to pursue her love but dropped out to continue her self-study and research in art theory and practice. Magni mastered all the traditional painting and drawing mediums over time.

Chiara Magni is an Italian contemporary painter. She is the creator of the Bright Expressionism painting style, which combines elements of Impressionism and Expressionism with bright color and texture application.

Magni received the Artist of the Year 2018 award from the Padova Maison d’arte, as well as the Art now Creativity Artist of the Year 2020 honor. She has been included in various exhibitions in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, as well as being featured in several media outlets for her unusual paintings.

Magni is an oil painter who specialised in finger painting. Magni draws inspiration from her environment as a figurative artist. She is also inspired by female figures, as evidenced by her paintings displaying her natural affinity and support for them.

Magni’s work tries to transmit joy in order to balance out the world’s existing violence and sorrow. Magni has sold almost 300 paintings as of 2021.

Nature is one of her passions and creatures are a fantastic source of inspiration, she remarked in an interview. Since her childhood, she has lived in the beautiful Garda countryside. According to her, natural surroundings were important to her and for her family. She grew up with many kinds of animals in the countryside. As a child, she was accustomed to spending her days with a variety of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and chickens.

When she was asked Is it difficult to reproduce animals, she replied that at first, she was a little agitated; she didn’t know if she’d be able to do a good job. She was a little afraid of appearing childish, it’s probably aware that animals are never the only subjects in a painting; for example, it’s easier to see a picture of a man on horseback than a picture of a horse alone. But she did it because she wanted to get started and wanted to use them as the subject, and it was love at first sight for her.

She also stated that all her paintings have a surreal element to them, that her style anticipates it, and that it is surrealism combined with a very traditional method that distinguishes what she does. However, that is unquestionably true. To highlight all the wonders of these wonderful creatures, she likes to employ both colors and non-real situations. She acknowledged that it is a very popular subject which can be quickly collected.

Magni currently is working on a new collection, which includes commissions and other top-secret obligations that she’ll discuss soon. She has a busy schedule, but she said that she believes she’ll be able to exhibit something fresh in the fall.

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