An Online Gamer Prodigy and Full Time Partnered Streamer on Facebook Gaming, The OnlyGuyLeft

The online world has ever since expanded and it continues to grow each day. This gives rise to more and more opportunities in the world. Online gaming is one such platform that was created recently.

The online gaming stage allows people to dive deep into the virtual worlds, away from reality. This experience could be very soothing for those looking for a way out from this cruel world. 

The online gaming platform has been so popular that people are getting ranked based on their skills and performance! Unbelievable right?

The virtual world provides a great source for development, enhancing memory and brain speed, increasing concentration, and improving multi-tasking practice. Many online games also allow monetary benefits. 

One such figure, who went on his favorite path of life is Jake Filicicchia aka the OnlyGuyLeft. Jake Filicicchia is a Full Time Partnered Streamer on Facebook Gaming.

He is also one of the top-ranked Fortnite players in the world. Jake Filicicchia is currently living in Boston Massachusetts and he goes by his stage name, OGL short for OnlyGuyLeft.

The brilliant online gamer has ranked no.1 in the state of Massachusetts for Fortnite wins. He has also ranked 63rd in the entire world for Fortnite solos and is climbing the leaderboard every single day to chase the No. 1 position.

Jake Filicicchia or OGL currently has over 6,000+ Fortnite wins and he making progress in the field day by day. The gaming prodigy has also bagged more than 92K Fortnite kills along with killing some of the best Fortnite players in the world including ninja, nickmercs, faze sway, and many more.

The Full-Time Streamer started Gaming when he was only 8 years old. His first-ever achievement was beating a call of duty campaign on its hardest level.

OGL’s best achievement was killing ninja in a game of Fortnite who is one of my gaming idols. Check out the video of OGL and Ninja’s fight.

A few of his interests include regular fitness training. The streamer expert has made sure that he stays fit and healthy since gaming for long hours puts one’s body at potential risk.

Jake Filicicchia adores being able to guide others on online gaming platforms. He wishes to teach and motivate more and more people to achieve big goals in the virtual world. He likewise wants to inspire people to chase their dreams and do whatever they love the most.

The splendid online player dreams to become one of the most successful gamers in the world. He is determined to polish his abilities such that he becomes one of the top-notch talents in the world.

His constant motivation is progressing and entertaining new milestones to achieve more. Being able to inspire and motivate others just by being invested in his passion is also the one thing that keeps him hustling.

To get in touch with OGL, you can check out his FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Follow OGL for more updates.

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