Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA is Thriving in the Competitive Industry of Insurance and Changing People’s Life.

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Andrew Taylor, 31 years old, is a veteran in the life insurance profession. In the last 12 years, Andrew has not only produced at a high level but has taught and led others to do the same. In 2021, Andrew Taylor and his company FFLUSA, have taught over 500 agents to make $100,000 in gross income with his influence.

But what is Family First Life USA? Let’s find out. FFL USA is a sub-agency of Family First Life that was founded in 2013 by Andrew Taylor. Family First Life USA provides a full spectrum of insurance products to clients nationwide.

In 2021, FFL USA expects to produce more than $175 million of annualized paid premium in the final expense, mortgage protection and annuity markets, while helping more than 200,000 Americans with their life insurance and annuity needs.

The lifestyle Andrew lives has been admired by many and has motivated people to join FFL to turn their life upside down just like Andrew created for himself through Family First Life. A lot of people have joined the team because of Andrew.

Andrew Taylor has always enjoyed helping people, however, the income from his previous experiences was atrocious. He saw life insurance sales as both a path to financial freedom and a way to coach others. Family First Life now allows him to make more in a month than he used to make in an entire year.

From network marketing to software sales, Andrew called his own shots and always worked harder than anyone around him. It looked as though he was successful, but at first, he failed to make enough money to pay for the life his family deserved.

Yes, anyone can own their own business, but it has to make money and turn a profit. Slowly and steadily, he has turned FFL into a massive scene where people are being benefitted on daily basis. The FFL team consist of hardworking people who are not traumatized in their work environment, unlike many other competitive corporates.

Whatever Andrew is today, is because of his own hard work and his good intentions. If you want to know more about Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA, you can simply check out their social media handles (link down below)

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