Anmol Singh is Changing the Dynamics of the Trading and Investing Industry for the Better

Anmol Singh challenges his students to learn the A to Z of trading with goal-driven strategies and training material. He is more than just an entrepreneur, owning franchise stores in the automotive sector; he is an online influencer, consultant, educationist and even a humanitarian. He has always made it a point to create a profound impact on people’s lives to fill them with hope and positivity.

Born in Delhi, India in 1992, Singh’s story is not typical in the world of finance. From the time he entered college in London, studying at the Brunel University, he traded in the stock market while gaining his Bachelor of Science with Honors in Business & Management. After excelling in academics, Singh was not handed opportunities with ease, but his positive attitude and strong work ethic prompted him to continue trading. It took Singh approximately one year to consistently profit from trading, a feat that astonished many in the industry. Investors began turning their attention to Singh, and a few even gave him the opportunity to trade on their behalf.

After realizing the volatility of the markets and the uncertainty that came with trading other people’s money, Singh decided to start his own online educational platform called in 2015, along with his partner Jared Wesley. The two co-founders had a strong desire to educate students on the world of options, forex, and stock trading. As they both continued to become profitable entrepreneurs, they simultaneously helped countless students launch their trading careers.

LiveTraders has been voted as the number one trading educational firm for the third consecutive year. The firm teaches students about how the markets work, and how they can take calculated risks and build their portfolio’s value. It has helped over 10,000 beginner traders, and over 1000 investors and traders, many of them earning an additional $3000 or more per week.

Singh has gone a step further in an industry which has been known to have a stigma of greed. By providing free education through LiveTraders’ Legacy Scholarship Program, Singh and Wesley are helping financially less fortunate students by training them, which opens many doors of opportunities for them to excel in their careers. Singh is also a renowned name in the industry for his knowledge and expertise in trading psychology, helping thousands of traders overcome their behavioural and psychological challenges, especially when high risks are concerned.

Among his many hobbies and talents, Singh has recently authored a book called Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making It in Life. In Prepping, Singh guides people in achieving their desired visions and goals for their lives. His “giving back to society” attitude has also prompted him to carry out various humanitarian aid projects, making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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