Annētta Michelle McBain on Leaving a Positive Impact Through the 815 Makeover Movement

Life is all about exploring your interests and seeing where they lead you. Annētta Michelle McBain says that her life has taken her on several paths that have taught her so much about the world.

Working as an award-winning makeup artist and owner of luxury salons and couture bridal gown boutiques, Annētta believes that every step she took in the past has led her to this career path.

Being in the beauty and fashion industry is about serving people, helping them bring out their inner beauty, and reclaim or reaffirm their confidence. Annētta McBain’s clientele includes top celebrities, but she has also made it her mission to give back to her community through the 815 Makeover Movement initiative.

This movement has now become a global initiative, but it started out as a small way of appreciating everyday heroes. Annēttstates that she wanted to restore confidence in survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, cancer survivors and fighters, veterans, and many more. For everything they have been through, Annētta wanted to help them feel noticed and appreciated, giving them the strength to continue the fight.

Pretty quickly, the 815 Makeover Movement went from being a small initiative by Annētta and her friends to becoming a global movement that is now engaging strong men and women from various parts of the world. People from all parts of the world can also support these heroes by sending prayers, donations, cards, and gifts.

Annētta Michelle McBain says that she is glad her career opened her up to launch the 815 Makeover Movement because it has become a huge part of her life today. She hopes to continue positively impacting the world through her work and many other initiatives. She says, “If I can help even one person feel, see, and know their worth through my gifts, it makes every bit of hard work worth it.”

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