Anything is Possible: Interviewing Fitness Model Naor Yazdan

Naor Yazdan, a fitness model with over 4,000 clients worldwide, has been a part of the fitness industry for more than a decade. After recovering from major heart surgery, Naor Yazdan found himself feeling better than ever before in his life because of his commitment to his health and wellness. He shared some of the many lessons he has learned throughout his life. Additionally, he told us why he is now one of the top fitness models on Instagram and Facebook to achieve their health goals. In the future, he hopes to continue helping his clients while also enjoying his success amongst his closest friends, family, and his beloved adopted dogs.

Israeli fitness model and real estate entrepreneur Naor Yazdan has achieved a mass amount of success in the last decade. Throughout this time, he has helped thousands of people worldwide achieve their fitness goals online. However, his success was years in the making, which was due to his background and early career. He was first introduced to bodybuilding at the age of eighteen when he joined the Israeli military force. After that, bodybuilding was a daily part of his life. Eventually, this daily routine became his biggest passion and motivated him to take a new direction in his career. Yazdan would continue with bodybuilding, earning a certificate from Wingate Sports Academy. Since 2011, he has been fully committed to his bodybuilding business and helping train others to become the best and fittest version of themselves.

Yazdan’s life has not been without hardship and challenges. From his time in the military to events in his young adult life, Naor Yazdan has been a fighter and never gave up, even when the odds were pressed against him. One of the more influential events was his experience undergoing heart valve replacement surgery at the age of twenty-seven. For him, Naor shared that he “thought it was game over for his days as a fitness model.” But even with this challenging barrier, he wanted to prove himself wrong. After proper recovery, he began to go to the gym, work out, and continue to push his body to the limit. Now, he’s at his strongest. The biggest lesson he shared was the value of hard work. In his own words, “hard work pays off.” Recovering from his heart surgery is also his most significant success and a source of pride for him. For others, he is a source of inspiration and proof that they can accomplish anything they want.

From the start of his day, Yazdan’s clients are the priority. After getting ready, he sits down and starts replying to any number of the 4,000 clients who emailed him overnight. Then, it’s time for his gym session, spending time with his dogs and his girlfriend. His success has allowed him to live through his values: family, commitment, and hard work. It also has allowed him plenty of time with his adopted dogs. As for the future, Naor Yazdan’s goals are the same as they have been for many years. He wants to continue providing people with help on their fitness journey, but he also is a family man at heart. Yazdan is excited about the opportunity to partake in new experiences with his family because of his success. His future is bright, and with his previous success in the fitness industry, the sky’s the limit!

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