Are You Thinking Of Starting Your Own Printing Business?

Today’s millennial populations have changed their way of thinking instead of working for someone they want to start something of their own, we are gender-biased here. Going with the current times some of the businesses have grown in popularity such as the printing business. If you have come here to check the best screen printing machine for small business then my friend this is your last stop, do not go any further.

It is not so difficult to start your own business, we have spent enough time and money to research about the list printing machine which we have included in this article. Especially if you are taking baby steps in your business, but our advice to the current millennial crowd would be to do sufficient research before entering any kind of business.

One thing which you should have while doing business is that, have a burning desire to succeed in the field you have selected and also gain proper knowledge about the business as it would help you to survive in the market.

Do market yourself properly and try to become experts in one particular area as it might help your brand to grow. Before doing some serious investment you should have done your thorough research about the product you are doing to buy in this case look for the finest screen printing machines.

It is imperative that you should have to think about the future, is the machine good enough to give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Due to the pandemic rules of the games have changed, it is important you need to be innovative and able to take some risks while doing your business. So it would help to meet your business target within timelines. 

Below is the list of some screen painting machines that can change your fortunes.

  • Vevor Printing Machine

This machine is far superior when it is compared to other models in this category. This machine is very handy and easy to shift to other places, will not utilize much of your energy. It can easily fit into the trunk of a car.

With help of that printing on fabric, along with glass, ceramics, and leather and paper. Some of the features of the machines are it has a pallet which can be removed due to which you have the option to print multiple images at the given time. This machine is water-resistant and so it can be cleaned easily will not take much of your efforts.

  •  Shzond Printers

This printer has two workstations along with 4 colour options, which allows the user to work on two different projects at the same time. This machine will not occupy much of your space and can be adjusted in any of your places. They are very good small businesses, it can be used on woven as well as non-woven materials. 

  • Techtongda 

This machine is so compact that it can be taken to any place, screen clamps can be adjusted depending on the nature of the project.  It comes with two stations, four-colour designs, which can allow a user to make about 50 t-shirts within an hour. It has a rotating screen layer and pallet which can be used for a variety of colour printing.

  • Seeutek Machine

This machine has more screens and more stations which allow the user to work on multiple projects at the same time, due to which a lot of time of the user is being saved and results that are obtained at the end are of high quality and good volumes.

This machine comes with a separate screen and pallet layer that make this machine perfect for taking on a large project where you require multi-colour printing. It can print on different kinds of fabrics, metals, and much more.

Things to check before purchasing a machine

It is very important to understand that screen printing is a serious business. Sometimes things may be tough so always do your research before investing in that machine. As these small things will only matter in business which would give you a competitive edge over others, Here there is a list of things that your need to check 

Colour option and Station Capacity:

More colour options make the task of the user simpler. Also how many products can be printed at the same time.


If your machine is automatic then your productivity will increase, but if you opt for a manual machine then you’re bound to lose some of your customers as time is money. Due to a manual machine, your productivity is going to take a hit.


Cost is one factor that is very important, so do not try to invest in any kind of fancy machines at the start. Expensive does not necessarily mean excellent, as you are just a startup you need to go for something within our budget which does not affect your budget. While buying the machine check for the technical features that will be available with the machine. The machine should allow the user to print on various materials that would be an added benefit.


You do not need to buy something which has some fancy features and costs you a fortune to buy that machine. So keep your calm while buying them, the machine should have good features and should come at a fair price too. One of the simplest examples would be if the machine has an adjustable screen clamp then it can easily move to make changes in the frame without putting in major efforts.


After reading this article it would definitely clear a lot of doubts about the screen printing machines. As stated earlier, buy a machine as per the requirement of your business, take reviews from other customers who have brought a similar machine that might be of great help. Always go with trends in the market as this would help you to buy the product at a good price.  The efficiency of the machine would be a very imperative factor that might affect your business.

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