ARTBYMRNICE is Contributing to the Community by Creating Art Pieces for The Tiger Woods Foundation

Pop art isn’t just a genre. It’s a movement and those that create within it are known as artistic innovators and disrupters. The UK has been responsible for a large contingent of such art world innovators.

The currently trending London-born artist ARTBYMRNICE is shaking up the art world in the US and beyond. His contributions to this field are more than aesthetic as he is currently giving back to the community by creating pieces for The Tiger Woods Foundation.

The foundation supports the education of young people through college access and digital platform programs as well as professional educational development. ARTBYMRNICE has been giving back to this vibrant community and supporting the educational aspirations of young people through his unique art pieces.

His colorfully vibrant pieces combine bold pop art and use neon as an expressive medium in a way that hasn’t been previously seen. Altruistic art is not a new concept; from protest murals to iconic war photography, for many years, artists have been creating pieces that impact the world.

However, in the case of ARTBYMRNICE, the action that his art is taking is much more direct and a true example of altruism. By donating createdpieces to The Tiger Woods Foundation, ARTBYMRNICE is helping build bright futures for several young individuals.

Speaking of the importance of giving back to the community as an artist, ARTBYMRNICE says, “All art has a purpose.Sometimes, this purpose is just to be observed and admired but art also has the power to change lives, and it’s a power that only artists can tap into.”

ARTBYMRNICE now resides in Los Angeles where his art was first seen on the walls of the Beverly Hills-based Bomane Salon. His colorful portraits lit up the halls of the chic salon and helped ignite his artistic career. ARTBYMRNICE offers an eclectic selection of pieces via his website. These pieces use familiar imagery of cartoon characters mixed with pops of color and graffiti text.

Art can be powerful; many artists simply make art but some like ARTBYMRNICE use it to make a genuine impact.

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