Artisan Pham Hoang Thai and his Journey to Pursue a Passion for Orchid Growing in Vietnam

Mr. Pham Hoang Thai (real name Phạm Hoàng Thái) is known to have a passion for orchids. At first, he had many difficulties and struggles with this orchid planting job. However, the passion for orchids has added motivation, helping Thai bravely pursue orchid growing and achieve many successes.

Pham Hoang Thai was born in 1991, currently living and working in Dong Xoai city, Binh Phuoc province. Before starting to grow orchids, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai spread out, doing many different jobs. However, with a strong passion for regal flowers, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai decided to pursue orchid cultivation. So far, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai has achieved success when building a large orchid garden with many rare orchids.

Mr. Pham Hoang Thai shared that the most difficulty for him is the lack of knowledge about orchid care. Although he has loved orchids for a long time, Pham Hoang Thai has only pure knowledge of orchid growing. Therefore, when starting to plant mutant orchids, Pham Hoang Thai faced many difficulties and challenges. Because the mutant orchid is a special flower, the care process is very high.

At first, when planting mutant orchids, his orchid baskets were not blooming well, the plants were often attacked by pests and diseases. However, with a passion for orchid growing, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai was determined to add his knowledge of growing and caring for orchids.

Mr. Thai has traveled to many places, learned and learned experiences in caring for orchids from experienced orchid growers. At the same time, Mr. Thai also joined the group to share the techniques of growing orchids online to improve his own knowledge.

After that, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai studied the techniques and applied them to his orchid garden in Dong Xoai city, Binh Phuoc province. Up to now, although he initially achieved successes, possessing many rare orchid varieties, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai is still diligently learning to improve his knowledge and experience in selecting orchid varieties.

When asked about the secret of success in growing orchids, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai enthusiastically shared: “In my opinion, if I want to achieve success when growing orchids, the most important factor is love and passion for the species. Next, before planting orchids, we need to learn the clear knowledge of orchid growing and care techniques. and the flowers are not blooming beautifully. ”

In the coming time, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai plans to develop orchid gardens and collect more rare orchid varieties. At the same time, with his knowledge and experience in growing and caring for orchids, Mr. Pham Hoang Thai will share with everyone who shares his passion. He wishes to exchange experiences with everyone, exchange techniques for growing and caring for orchids, and improve the value and beauty of this flower.

Pham Hoang Thai’s journey to pursue his passion must be a good example, encouraging those who love this flower to bravely implement their passion. Wishing Pham Hoang Thai’s future plans come true, Mr. Thai’s orchid garden will be increasingly developed with more precious and special orchid varieties.

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