Artistic Business Branding: How Lizzie Robinson and Elizabeth Jean Branding are Helping Businesses Thrive

Since Lizzie Robinson opened the doors of her Melbourne based business, Elizabeth Jean branding in 2013, she has been on a mission to empower other business owners to become fluent in brand communication. Lizzie’s business is a full-service wellness branding agency.

The company partners with clients at every step of their business journey, creating the brands from scratch or taking existing brands and giving them a refresh and refocus needed to continue to grow. Lizzie is lucky enough to work with a wide variety of local and international brands across the wellness space.

The success of the company lies heavily in the understanding Lizzie has for the importance of continuously evolving to meet the demands of the ever-changing creative and digital world. The goal with every client is for them to be seen and heard in undoubtedly crowded markets and for them to be loved by consumers. 

At the beginning of each brand’s journey with Elizabeth Jean, Lizzie unpacks each brand and realigns its message. The ultimate goal, however, is to translate a brand’s DNA into creative campaigns that build connections between consumers and business owners.

Elizabeth Jean branding is a thriving business, with a team that is dedicated to transforming brands and ensuring they continue to succeed. This is a testament to Lizzie’s talent and the benchmark she has set for branding and longevity in the wellness, health and beauty space.

Lizzie has always loved being creative and started her career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture. Now, Lizzie is an expert within the beauty and wellness space, a mentor to a start-up business and a go-to brand guru for large companies who need a new perspective.

Lizzie is also a respected Brand Developer and Keynote speaker who works with startups, through to established brands. Lizzie has worked and partnered with brands such as Beaute Industrie, Sheraton Hotels, Move Active, Botanica Wellness Spa and Clinic, Bare Roots, Gold Buyers, Car City and more!

Elizabeth Jean branding is also a female-led and in-house agency. They support women looking to get back into the industry and provide their services as a multidisciplinary agency for startups to ongoing management. The company offers clients services such as brand strategy, a brand refresh, logo design, brand identity, packaging design, print, online business automation, management, web design and even copywriting.

They offer 6 different packages for clients to choose from, such as their Social Media Strategy package, which helps clients to improve their social platforms with a monthly 1-hour brand consult session and resources. All of Elizabeth Jean’s packages focus on each brand’s longevity and work to unearth hidden concepts, bring inspired ideas to life and unveil each brand’s authentic story.

Elizabeth Jean Branding understands that clients are busy working in their area of expertise and things such as social media, campaign creation, artwork and brand communication fall to the bottom of a to-do list. Lizzie helps her clients by taking away the stress of these worries and grow each brand and its revenue!

To get in contact with Lizzie Robinson and to follow her journey with Elizabeth Jean Branding, find her on Instagram, Facebook, or send her an email at 

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